Time for Business to Swat SJWs


It never fails to amaze me. The companies that stop advertising across publications and channels because the SJW Twitter mob – anoraks like Stop Funding Hate – descend upon them on social media.

After all, who are their market? How often do you take shopping advice from a crusty SJW or use your hard-earned income to mirror their fashion, eating habits or lifestyle? Why can’t business see around the sides of the magnifying glass of social media?

The SJW’s with their icky clothing and Xyrophobia are invariably broke Commies. Sure, they scratch around with their sob stories online, like Twitter’s Rachel Swindon (a bloke from Swindon called Jon, apparently) on GoFundMe and other crowdfunding sites, looking for wonga for the next meal, but otherwise their sole hope of cash is the State or some job in a charity where other SJW’s have convinced either a mate in the State or the dumb progeny of a capitalist that their cause is wholesome and sound. It is not as if there are many SJWs and very few have any influence at all. For every Owen Jones, coining it through left-leaning publishers with oeuvres like Chavs (snore) and The Establishment (bore), there are a hundred Rachel Swindons tapping on their semen-stained keyboards in between mendacious visits to the Job Centre and sorties to Aldi for £1 pizzas.

Apart from Aldi stone-baked and the odd bag of whole green lentils, what do these SJW’s actually buy?

Specsavers and Walkers Crisps – OK, these two businesses that pulled ads because of these SJWs might get a bit of income from their dole money. Plusnet? Paperchase? (The Daily Mail, responding to Paperchase’s decision to cease advertising with them, correctly described Stop Funding Hate as “a small group of hard left Corbynist individuals seeking to suppress legitimate debate and impose their views on the media”.) Oddly The Body Shop also succumbed… how many of these oiks use soap, let alone go out of their way to acquire bath & body products?

Sachets of blue hair dye, coffee and the used contents of charity shops, perhaps. Big screen TV’s and laptops on the never-never at Ideal World? I mean, these are the type of people who change their grundies once a week, if that. Those rural SJW’s may own a car so they will cough up for the odd tenner of petrol when they can afford to, along with those Che Guevara bumper stickers that one is minded to alter with the line, “P.S. Squalid Killer & Totalitarian Tyrant. Communism killed literally more people than the plague”.

Why would companies cave into these SJW’s? After all, the SJW’s are by nature angry, frustrated and often violent. Why would companies want to be associated with such a negative image? With the kind of pony-tailed oiks you turn to religion in middle age for, beseeching Jesus they never stalk your daughter. (NB: anyone who tries to bend the world to their beliefs will soon become angry, frustrated and, ultimately, violent – ask the family and friends of the late Khuram Shazad Butt).

It’s not as if the SJW’s are natural corporate allies. They openly make fun out of the “Crapitalists” who they pester to remove advertising. Their portrayal of cartoon capitalism is ubiquitous in their blogs and fora – a fat man smoking a cigar hoarding wealth while his workers sweat. Surely the companies involved have more in common with the content providers the SJW’s attack, many of whom are real world capitalists – entrepreneurs working crazy hours risking their own money to provide goods or services others want, while investing profits back into their businesses and affording the tax bills which help to pay for the SJWs’ pizzas and hair dye?

Those running the social media accounts of the companies who come under pressure to remove ads should be carefully interviewed by company bosses. Are they part of the team or liver-lilies? On the wall above the desk of each of these employees should be placed a giant placard with that wise message from Proverbs (26:4) emblazoned above it:

“DO NOT answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.”

Time for businesses to become popular across social media by publicly swatting these SJWs away like flies.