Spitfire Thinking


It was 78 years ago in the skies above Britain that the entire world learned just what might be achieved by a now proverbial few.

The totalitarian mind-set is a disease – and a terrifyingly communicable one at that. Humanity has seen outbreaks before – watched it spread, passed from mind to mind like a noxious virus of the soul, creating armies of unthinking zombies of compliance in its wake, dictated to by the seven percent. Social contagion gives way to mass hysteria and thence to the overt madness of murderous collectivism.

Perhaps it is happening again. The weak-willed and feeble-minded have fallen prey once again to this poisonous need to be a part of a predominant group. To be accepted. To conform. To impose collective will.

We all know what the Nazis used to look like. Their sharp Hugo Boss uniforms – the stark and easily recognised iconography emblazoned on their arm bands. The dehumanised out-group. The arrogance of the collective – its absolute certainty of correctness. The cruelty. The insanity.

In terms of mass psychology, a sachet of blue hair dye and a ring through the septum of one’s nose can identify one as part of the dominant in-group as effectively as an armband and a brown shirt. There is no difference at all.

We knew what we were fighting for that summer 78 years back. We knew what was at stake and, if we aren’t all very careful very soon, the sacrifice made by those young men – multiculturals who came from all corners of the world – may have been in vain.


This mind virus of totalitarian thought cannot and shall not stand the notion of ‘live and let live’. Its mantra in reality is, and always has been, ‘live as do I – or die’. The same essentially murderous philosophical ill lies at the heart of all ideologies that enshrine the certainty of dogma in the minds of its acolytes – be it religious, political or even sexual. There is no room for doubt, nor for doubters… those miscreants MUST be expunged at all costs lest their doubt be communicated, lest they undermine the psychological foundations required for total and abject obedience.

What are its essentials?

Subservience towards the hive mind. Abdication of personal agency. Loss of the self in favour of the collective.


The great danger is – and always has been – that this insanity is extremely attractive to those unwilling to think for themselves in the first place. It has always been the same, and that Leftist tendency towards ingratiation has produced both Fascism and Communism as political ideologies in the past… and here we are again with Progressivism. And make no mistake – this IS the Battle for Britain… and it is happening right now.

So how do we fight this Social Justice Wermacht? This Blitzkreig bombing of society with insane ideas designed to empower the dull-witted. How do we win this Battle of Britain?

We must take a leaf out of the book of that greatest of generations. We must emulate that brave few, some of whom were barely adults and were destined to be shot out of the sky mere minutes after taking to the air. We must be brave and we must be well-led.

In the coming Battle for Britain it is us that are the new ‘few’ and our opposition are the self-proclaimed ‘many’. What we need here is ‘Spitfire thinking’, harkening back to the inspirational genius of quintessentially British design; iconic, elegant… efficient.

We simply outclassed the enemy 78 years ago. Even though we were outnumbered then as now, our graceful innovation was simply too much for them to cope with, as the sharp turning circle of the Spitfire exposed the Messerschmidt’s comparative feebleness.

One should think the same when confronted by these slack-jawed, mouth-breathing ‘warriors’ of so-called Social Justice. For every cry of “hate speech”, throw it back at them with their hypocrisy attached. For every squeal of “racist” lob it back with “racialist” and a dash of eloquence and good humour. Eloquence and good humour are the weapons we must employ in the philosophical dogfights in which we have been engaged.

Our enemies are simply no match. No match to soundness or freedom. They never have been.

We must ‘identify’ as Spitfires…

…ever ready to scramble.