The Way of the Tomato Frog

CSM EDITORIAL It is becoming pretty clear that there is no way out of Covid except – with a sizeable slice of luck – via a mass vaccination campaign. Covid’s repeat doses of death are here with us for a long time until the disease either burns out or is disarmed. From a political standpoint, Covid is an absolute nightmare. The deaths, the numbers of … Continue reading The Way of the Tomato Frog

The Tory Rural Deficit

CSM EDITORIAL It is depressing that only 30 percent of people think the Tories understand rural Britain. A recent poll sponsored by the Countryside Alliance found in addition that only 8.5% of people thought rural life had improved under the Tories. The key question that follows is does this mean that voting patterns could change in the countryside? Traditionally rural seats have backed the Conservative … Continue reading The Tory Rural Deficit

Verhofstadt’s Hellish Vision

CSM EDITORIAL Guy Verhofstadt is currently running to take over as EU Commissioner from Jean Claude Juncker when he retires in November. He let the cat out of the bag by saying that the EU needs to get rid of the unanimity principle and remove the veto that member states currently have in order to make rules about things like migration. He thinks that they … Continue reading Verhofstadt’s Hellish Vision