A Prayer For Our Farmers


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust You are well and that You and those around You are enjoying the summer.

It’s the farmers and the incessant tractoring on our fields I want to focus on today. It’s them who have had to cope with the dry summer and it’s on these unheralded Brits that we depend for our sustenance over the year.

I am reliably informed that winter barley and oilseed rape crops have exceeded expectations in a number of areas, despite the drought, but there are still concerns surrounding wheat crops. With winter barley and oilseed rape harvest progressing across most of the country, yields have been better than expected. However, the first fields of wheat are now meeting the combine, and yields are disappointing so far.

So, today let us pray for our farmers. That things turn out well with this year’s harvest. And let us pray for all those others who strive to allow us to strive to put the food on our plate.

I wish You all a wonderful and peaceful Saturday. I wish You a successful week ahead. God Bless You all.

We pray for all who work so that we have food to eat and share. We remember the farmers, both in this country and overseas, who work with animals and crops often overcoming the extremes of weather, insect pests to get their produce to the marketplace. Also the fishermen, whether in the North Sea or in the Pacific Ocean who fight wind and waves to land their catch safely. We must also in our prayers remember those in the transport, distribution and the retail sectors, for without them our shop and supermarket shelves would be empty.

Lord bless all who labour to satisfy our needs and we pray that all trade between peoples may be done openly and fairly and with due regard for the environment and for human dignity.