Fear Not, Farmers

BY BEN EVERITT Don’t believe the doom-mongers. Our farmers and our environment can thrive after Brexit. Have a beer with a farmer. Like everyone else, farmers have got concerns about a no-deal Brexit. But after a pint or two you’ll learn just how much the EU has screwed agricultural economics. A clean break can’t come soon enough. The system is now so complex that the … Continue reading Fear Not, Farmers

No Deal Benefits for Farmers

BY CHARLES MACKIE The biggest threats to farming that a no-deal could bring are traditionally quoted as follows:  Loss of a tariff-free market. The UK will by default revert to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules until Free Trade agreements are signed. This will require goods to be exported and imported under the Most Favoured Nation rules with a range of tariffs applied to those goods. … Continue reading No Deal Benefits for Farmers

Things You Know If You Work With Farmers

BY ANNA BOWEN Eight and a half years and counting…! Any paperwork is highly likely to be covered in something that looks suspiciously like… actually not “suspiciously like” … it clearly is cow s**t. Getting in the Land Rover for a farm tour will involve sitting on top of a bag of feed, fitting your feet in between a bucket and a broken chainsaw and … Continue reading Things You Know If You Work With Farmers