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It’s safe to say that confidence in politics is at an all-time low in the UK at the moment. Both the Conservative and Labour parties are unable to show us a clear direction through ‘Brexit’, both parties are facing civil discord and no leader of any UK party seems to be able to provide the leadership this country is so desperately in need of.

So it is no surprise that recent polling suggests there is an appetite for a new Brexit-focused party.  The question is, who could give the country a party that can focus on foreign and domestic policy, as well as steer us through post-Brexit waters?  Could the answer be Robert Kimbell, the leader of the recently launched Time Party?

Robert Kimbell was born in Cambridge and brought up in Northamptonshire. He was a Management Consultant specialising in the field of global executive search. Robert worked for private companies in London and the Far East. His interests include travel, international trade, geopolitics and domestic politics. He is driven by his desire to see Britain reach its ultimate potential.


Robert Kimbell

JA: Hello Robert, I suppose the first question would be, why you? What made you realise you had to ‘step up to the plate’?

RK: For decades, the country has been governed appallingly. Nothing was changing; no improvements in the quality of governance evident; not one politician proposing systemic reform. Someone had to step up to the plate and no-one else was. So, I decided to do something about it myself. I wanted to be part of a political movement driving radical reform with the intention of making Britain globally competitive once again in an increasingly competitive world. I wanted Brexit to genuinely mean Brexit, for democracy to be respected, and for Britain to realise its undoubted potential. Of course, as the UK’s economy grows and we leave the protectionist bubble that is the EU, so will the prosperity of those countries around the world that sell into our market.

JA: Why ‘Time Party’? Was there a specific reason behind the name?


RK: Yes. It’s TIME for change, and it’s TIME for the people.

JA: Where would you place yourself on the political spectrum?

RK: We are a radical, reformist, centrist political party and, as Leader, I’d like to think that I reflect that position.

JA: Have you had a good response to the launch of ‘Time’?

RK: We have been very encouraged by the response the Time Party has received since going ‘live’ a week ago. New members have demonstrated considerable passion for the project and they are based widely across the UK — from Sussex to Scotland. Some have offered to volunteer, while others have already donated funds to the Party.

JA: Have you received much negative criticism? Is there anything constructive that you’ve been able to take onboard?

RK: We’ve received a lot of constructive criticism, suggestions of refinement to existing Party Proposals (pre-Manifesto Policies), together with some fresh ideas that we will consider seriously for inclusion in our broad range of Proposals. A few people have even found us significant enough to tell us just how ‘insignificant’ we are.

JA: Given the entrenched tribal politics currently permeating through social media and the political parties at present, how do you plan to avoid that, and bridge the gap between Brexiteers on the left and right of the political spectrum?

RK: We believe that currently, in UK politics, respect awarded to democracy and the delivery of a clean Brexit are more vital than the traditional differences between Left and Right. In fact, we are a state-interventionist centrist political party and, as such, intend to create an environment in a fully-independent UK where there is a productive and workable balance between both valuable state and entrepreneurial private contributions to our mixed economy.

JA: Once we have officially left the EU, what do you see as the first challenge for the UK?

RK: Secure the porous borders and the UK Territorial Waters by ensuring full and uncompromised control.

JA: Our own magazine was set up to give the Countryside a voice during Brexit and afterwards…what policies can you advise our readers of to ensure that the focus won’t just be on London and the main cities?

RK: We are a truly nation-wide political movement with intentions to decentralise political and bureaucratic power from Westminster and Whitehall to key political hubs strategically located across every region of the United Kingdom, so local people have closer access to decision-makers and greater influence over policy that effects their everyday lives. We are intent on securing green belt and agricultural land, the natural inheritance of the People.

JA: Can you reassure the Remain voters that their everyday rights won’t be affected?

RK: The distortion and devaluation of the perception of our human rights to which former PM David Cameron referred at Runnymede on 15 June 2015 must be acknowledged. To this end, The Time Party will secure the legacy of Magna Carta 1215 and the Bill of Rights 1689 by enacting a brand new British Act of Human Rights to replace the Human Rights Act 1998 with a revised version that does not enable international criminals to avoid justice. The Time Party will ensure all European Union directives on Equality are analysed and that those which are of any benefit to British society will be retained and protected via UK legislation.

JA: There’s a lot of talk at the moment around ‘The Westminster Bubble’ and your party has an idea to federalise the UK. Can you go into more detail for us?

RK: The Time Party believes that far too much decision-making power and influence rest with Westminster and Whitehall and that the UK should become fully federal with the new states being called ‘Lands’. The Lands will have tax-raising powers and control over many of the responsibilities held at present by Westminster and Whitehall. This will increase local accountability, empower the people of the United Kingdom and bring employment to all parts of the UK.

JA: 50 political parties were set up in 2017 and this year looks set to beat that with 12 registered by January, what makes Time Party stand out? Why should people put their support behind you?

RK: We stand out because we will change the current corrupt and inefficient System, which is dominated by the cartel that is the two Establishment parties, that is failing our country. No other party is offering to do this. The People should be encouraged to support us because every aspect of our plan is designed to give voice to, empower and be beneficial to all British nationals and UK permanent residents. All over the country the yearning for devolution grows. The Conservatives have delivered a half-hearted response to this in the form of super-Mayors of city regions. The Time Party’s plans will complete the task efficiently, effectively and in a way that will have long-term beneficial outcomes. This underpins much of our reform programme and facilitates the federal government at Westminster to focus on our nation’s standing on the international stage.

JA: Thanks for the interview, Robert, and best of luck with the Time Party.


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