God Bless the DUP


As our Prime Minister Theresa May enters the home straight of Brexit negotiations she would do well to prioritise threat levels – away from her advisers.

While Brexit negotiations are important, by far the greatest threat to the United Kingdom – aside from a no deal Brexit or hordes engaged in street unrest following a failure to deliver Brexit – is Corbyn.

That’s why this morning Brexiteers must be truly thankful for the DUP. We are truly lucky to have such ardent Brexiteers propping up our Government. Their showing of strength over the last 24 hours has been remarkable in that they were not moved to exhibit their true power until this moment. They have played the waiting game intelligently while exhibiting the kind of loyalty many Conservative MPs could well learn from. Their instinct for survival (honed over many years by events) is what Theresa May and her Government need more of – to cut through SW1’s louche and comfortable cocoon. The DUP have shown that disagreeing with their Brexit is not on the table – risking a General Election (and thus Britain’s future) is neither.

We live in a fast-changing world, but we need to be reminded that the important things have not changed, and the important things will not change if we keep our priorities in proper order.

At the heart of the next weeks is British Democracy – a strange, old beast which has never been pure democracy, which rarely seeks to be centre stage, but has seen us well both through dark hours and along bright uplands. Every time it has been questioned and asked to show its face, it has delivered. Every time it has been threatened it has survived. And we have to continue to believe in its righteousness and hold fast, despite what echoes loudly around some pointless Twitter chamber, or how a commentator sums up proceedings on the (mostly) fallen BBC.

Back to Theresa May. She has as many excuses as she needs around her. Her position is one that most sound people will understand and even show empathy for. There are times when the answer is obvious and the question over-complicated. Now is such a time. Find a quiet cloisters somewhere, step outside of the jacket of stubbornness and listen…

Be seen to be buffeted into taking the true Brexit. Of a true and free Canada +++ and put the question of Ireland and its border on ice awaiting a technological solution over the transition period – a task which our great nation is more than capable of solving over coming months. The scale of the challenges – solving Ireland or facing destruction by Corbyn – are not comparable. With Corbyn, our country will break up as Northern Ireland will cease to exist and Scotland will likely float off into some Russian-sponsored abyss. See the 2017 General Election as a blessing not a burden, as restrictions in your choice caused by it actually point to the correct path out. Good luck, Mrs May.

DUP, we thank you. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in admiration of your loyalty to our great land.