Non Player No Character


Twitter has suspended hundreds of accounts after users on pro-Trump Reddit forum r/The_Donald coordinated efforts to set up ‘non-player character’ profiles mocking liberals on the social networking site.

The trolling campaign was born out of the characterisation of liberals as automatons incapable of independent thought on areas of Reddit and 4chan.


In 24 hours there were more than 30,000 uses of the term NPC on Twitter, and Facebook pages dedicated to the trend have amassed tens of thousands of followers.

And the NPC meme is hilarious. It’s gotten right up the noses of the Neomarxist postmodernists who claim that it is ‘dehumanising’.

What a laugh. These ridiculous, shallow-minded hypocrites – devoid of both a sense of humour AND a sense of irony as they are – simply don’t get the joke. It is their utterly ridiculous ideology that is, in reality, the actual pinnacle of dehumanising.

There are now hordes of empty-headed, blue-haired nincompoops roaming the streets decrying all and any that fail to conform to the tenets of their fresh new pseudo-religion with its whole slew of dehumanising language.

If you are a woman that doesn’t believe that unreconstructed rapists can be real women too – or that burly mediocre blokes should be allowed to compete with the girls on a level playing field merely because they claim to ‘feel like a woman’, then you’re a TERF.


If you are a chap of the pale skinned variety and of a certain age that has probably worked for a number of decades to provide for your family whilst paying into the system that you are supposed to simply stand by and watch being dismantled in front of your eyes, then you are ‘Gammon’.

I could go on, of course. And by now you know the rest – from the now classic ‘Islamophobic’ to the now ubiquitous ‘transphobic’ by way of a veritable quagmire of all manner of other specious phobias. It doesn’t take long for these pre-programmed cretins to devolve into screaming ‘NAZI’ at you if the attempt to smear you as ‘racist’ fails.

The Post Modernists have failed to see themselves in the mirror this fabulously well-thought-out meme holds up to them. They are at one and the same time hilarious and pitiable – also downright scary, lacking as they do any knowledge of the Milgram experiment or the Stanford prison experiment. Their blinkered, dogmatic certainty as encapsulated by that most vacuous of phrases ‘on the wrong side of history’ is proof positive that it is people such as they that would have staffed the Nazi death camps of the Second World War.

Unquestioning, unthinking and blind to all but their groupthink and in-group affirmation – blithely repeating ad nauseam the tenets of their brainwash. It is they that have come to be the very personification of Star Trek’s Borg – of Dr. Who’s Cybermen. And yet they lack the wit to recognise themselves in the mirror that the meme affords them.

All free-thinking peoples should be very afraid of the cultural and political power that these people now wield.