Brave New World


One of the many theories of Marxist historical analysis proffers the belief that history travels not in a flat linear progression but in an upward helix, if you draw a line along the helix you get the same events but on a higher, more advanced level. Although there are many problems with this system, it does have its merits. It would be no surprise if 2019 turns out to echo quite a few events from history.


On December 11th in Marrakesh the UN completed the Migration Compact. This international treaty made what most of us call illegal immigration a human right and placed on signatories a duty of care including providing housing, healthcare and financial support. It’s no coincidence therefore that December saw a trickle of rubber boats crossing the channel into Kent that will become a torrent when the weather turns more clement. Theresa May signed us up for this demonic document while talking about freedom of movement being a red line in her capitulation to the EU in her non withdrawal, so in a massive slight of hand she’s stopped the flow of migration in the public perception whilst actually turning on the tap to full. Those predictions about the Calais jungle popping up in Kent as a result of Brexit will happen regardless of Brexit. It should be interesting to see how that will go down.

Of course the decline of the Roman Empire started with the inability of the authorities to protect their borders …

The Fall of the Soviet Union

The seismic effects that brought the USSR down are going to rock Western Europe in exactly the same way.

Two things smashed the foundations of the Soviet Bloc – one was a vast arms race perpetrated by Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher that drained the lifeblood out of the already anaemic communist system, and secondly the rise of cultural jealousy. The Soviet People labouring in the turnip fields and tractor factories saw the gleaming citadel on the hill of western capitalism, they saw comparative economic prosperity, despite recession, freedom of speech and a safe culture to bring up a family. The renaissance culture that economic nationalism has created in the US is going to look pretty tempting to the beleaguered peoples of Western Europe if it doesn’t already.

Donald Trump – love him or hate him – has started a transformation of both the American economy and more importantly of American society. This is the primary reason why the globalists are trying so hard to unseat him, though they ought to give a little more thought to his 62 million gun-owning voters before they try any further impeachment strategies. The Donald is diametrically opposed to the UN migration compact mentioned earlier and his administration is slowly prising open the fingers of the throttle grip that the postmodernists have on American society.

Imagine by June this year how people in the south east of England are going to feel when they have huge transit camps that will sap local government budgets and they aren’t allowed to commit the hate crime of complaining about it – then they look at the US building a six metre high wall to stop illegal migration. Once again we’ll look up from our grey existence to the shining city across the pond …

The End of the Spanish Inquisition

1478 saw the start of the Spanish Inquisition and it never really went away despite the best efforts of the renaissance. It started with groups of priests sat in stale, windowless rooms deciding if lobsters have souls and it’s morphed over 500 years to groups of diversity and sustainability managers sat in an air-conditioned conference room deciding how best to condition the minds of the plebs and untermenschen.

In his book, 1984, Orwell gave us a delightful scenario when he was forced into seeing more fingers being held up by his inquisitor than the reality. Star Trek the next generation did the same story with imaginary lights between Picard and his Cardassian captor. Of course this is all about control no matter how it’s dressed up, and in our society we are meant to not notice the cold when it’s sub zero or ignore 200,000 years of biology when we see a bloke in a dress. I expect to see this nonsense start to decline this year as free speech breaks free. The intellectual dark web is set to explode as the likes of Patreon and YouTube continue to self destruct with demonetisation and censorship of conservative ideas. There is a gaping hole in the market that is about to be filled and – thansk to the Web – it’ll destroy 500 years of hegemony of philosophical control over the populous.

Interesting times. A brave new world indeed.

I’d like to wish everyone a great new year for 2019 and I hope you get all your desires and wishes fulfilled.

Paul Newall is a child of the 1960’s from a traditional Labour-supporting household. Paul dabbled with Trotskyism in the 1980’s but then “grew up and thanks to having responsibilities I slowly migrated across the political spectrum until instead of hating Maggie Thatcher I admired her for beating my side in the miners’ strike”.