The first time I heard the term “transsexual” was around age fourteen in Thomas Harris’s horror classic The Silence of the Lambs: 

““Do you know the procedure for testing male applicants for transsexual surgery?” “No.” “It may help if you bring me a copy of the regimen from any of the centers, but to begin: the battery of tests usually includes Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, House-Tree-Person, Rorschach, Drawing of Self-Concept, Thematic Apperception, MMPI, of course, and a couple of others—the Jenkins, I think, that NYU developed. You need something you can see quickly, don’t you? Don’t you, Clarice?” “That would be the best, something quick.” “Let’s see … our hypothesis is we’re looking for a male who will test differently from the way a true transsexual would test. All right—on House-Tree-Person, look for someone who didn’t draw the female figure first. Male transsexuals almost always draw the female first and, typically, they pay a lot of attention to adornments on the females they draw. Male stereotypes—there are some notable exceptions where they draw Mr America—but not much in between. “Look for a house drawing without the rosy-future embellishments—no baby carriage outside, no curtains, no flowers in the yard. “You get two kinds of trees with real transsexuals—flowing, copious willows and castration themes. The trees that are cut off by the edge of the drawing or the edge of the paper, the castration images, are full of life in the drawings of true transsexuals. Flowering and fruitful stumps. That’s an important distinction. They’re very unlike the frightened, dead, mutilated trees you see in drawings by people with mental disturbances.”

At age 14, I didn’t question Dr Lecter when he claimed that “Billy is not a real transsexual,” because I had no idea what a real transsexual was.

According to the best biological scientists in 2018 nobody does.

The novel was published in 1988, and the 1991 movie received sporadic protests that did not affect its box office or Oscar success. One imagines if the film were to be made now then the cinema would be burnt down by a gaggle of deranged and “offended” quasi-humans, probably for using the term transsexual as opposed to the far more fashionable term transgender.

As Gender Dysphoria cynic Felix Conrad notes:

“The prime emotion behind gender dysphoria is not… disgust, it is in fact one of the most fundamental drivers of human behaviour: desire. Your displeasure at your male body is caused by your intense desire to have a female body. Your dislike of your male role comes from your desire to have the female role. And think about those moments where you look at a pretty girl and it’s suddenly a painful experience. Why? Because you desire to be pretty.”

When I was a late-developing teenager one Xmas all the boys in my class dressed up as girls for charity. I went to the bathroom mirror to adjust my breasts and touch up my lipstick and suddenly thought: Wow. I’m gorgeous. When I went back into the classroom the boys were stunned to silence.

“Mate,” one of my friends said, “I hate to say it but I’d f**k you.”

I suppose for the rest of the day I suffered from Gender Dysphoria, obsessed with my own feminine beauty, but by the time the lipstick had rubbed off and I’d unclipped my bra and jumped in the shower, I felt fully male again.

It strikes me that it is peer or parent indoctrination that inspires true gender dysphoria. The most recent medical data shows that:

 “Feelings of gender dysphoria persisted into adolescence in only 39 out of 246 of the children (15.8%) who were investigated in a number of prospective follow-up studies. . . . Results unequivocally showed that the gender dysphoria remitted after puberty in the vast majority of children.”

 (T. D. Steensma, R. Biemond, F. de Boer, P. Cohen-Kettenis. Desisting and persisting gender dysphoria after childhood: A qualitative follow-up study. Clin Child Psychol Psychiatry , 2011, 16: 499-516, p. 500)

The transgender movement, with its angry and violent obsession with gender pronouns is both a fascist attack on language, as well as a cultural Marxist attack on the Judeo Christian concept of “man” and “woman” – a kind of grappling by the hive mind of the rest of the population into the sludge of the Occult.

I’ve written twice about the trans question for Splice Today, firstly here where I argued that enforced Gender Pronouns were a sort of hive mind fascism. In many ways, as Country Squire writer Infamous T points out in her Rainbow Reich article (a transexual but as she clearly points out, not transgender and certainly not a woman) the Gender Pronoun Trans movement should just wear rainbow swastikas on their arms. For stating this online, T has had faeces thrown through her door (this proving her point) and was told in no uncertain terms the police would look the other way should anything happen to her. In an online interview with T, I asked if the trans movement was an attempt to destroy Western society by ending the concept of “man” and “woman”.

“Yes – after becoming utterly disenfranchised and cast out as a Heretic I then went and actually read up on postmodernism and the Frankfurt School and the so-called ‘blank state’ theory – and was horrified that I’d never been informed of ANY of this by my so-called ‘doctors’ – I was the last to know… and it is THAT that informs my assertion that there are so-called doctors in the NHS who – along with their ‘transgender patients’ – are overtly hoodwinking society in it’s ignorance with the express intention of undermining our notions and values of Western Civilisation. They are in on the gag – and being extremely well funded – and if you fancy popping off down THAT particular rabbit hole, you’ll find bad people, one and all.”

My second article on the trans question was written on heavy medication in the Priory East Sussex, and since I had recently been stabbed in the head (luckily I survived without even a scar, despite losing three pints of blood) I was in the mood for suing for peace.

The article concerned a schizophrenic man I met on the ward whose sister was becoming his brother. Maybe it was the heavy dose of Clonazapam I had to take, but I argued for his/her right to transition but am now thinking that it was more likely a form of delusional schizophrenic gender dysphoria that clearly ran in the family. I asked Infamous T about trans suicide rates. She said:

The apocryphal 41% suicide stat was engineered – I worked in market research in qual and quant for a while – the whole survey was skewed, leading questions all over the place – plus it went out to those who were politically motivated to answer multiple times – and all the while appropriating that dysphoric pain that us genuine types had had to live with quietly and in many cases, such as myself – for decades without anyone being any the wiser. I’ve attempted suicide three times seriously – and again, have met and discussed at length this terrible tragic side effect with those for whom it is – yet again, merely an entrance ticket into the pity party – I have the scars to show for it – very few of them ever do.

Adherents to identity politics have presumably never read (or at least blindly misinterpreted) George Orwell’s 1942 essay “Looking Back on the Spanish War” in which he writes:

“Nazi theory specifically denies that such thing as ‘the truth’ exists. There is, for instance, no such thing as ‘science’. There is only ‘German science’, ‘Jewish science’ etc. The implied objective of this line of thought is a world in which the leader, or some ruling clique, control not only the future, but the past.”

The trans movement is fascist by nature and definition, and the schools now set up to begin transitioning children under the age of ten are about as degenerate and evil as Belsen and Auschwitz and I say that in all seriousness. Since – although the amount of deaths are minimal in comparison – the Nazi-like systematic and self righteous abuse of children is sickening beyond comprehension.

Christine Burns in Trans Britain: Our Journey From the Shadows says more than she thinks when she writes:

For trans and non-binary people of this era, locating others like themselves was fraught with possibilities for public disgrace and punishment. The overwhelming reality for trans and non-binary people, until the Internet changed it all.

Of course the Internet, as we sane people understand, is fraught with pornography, Twitter abuse and Facebook stalking , much of which is performed by the transgender community in the quasi fascist language policing that has become so popular amongst the angry gender dysphoric. You can even be banned from Twitter for dead-naming the transgenders; even despicable child murderer Ian Huntley who has recently transitioned to being a “woman”.

The reality is that unless you can produce semen you are not a man, and unless you can menstruate or have a womb you are not a woman. This basic truth can also see you blocked from social media.

As Clarice Starling shoots the Gender Dysphoric psychopath in the darkness of his psychotic lair, his final words sum up those of every enraged trans activist who just can’t believe what they’ve become:

“Mr Gumb’s invisible light played on the ceiling. He tried to move it and he couldn’t, any more than he could move his head. A great Malaysian Luna Moth passing close beneath the ceiling picked up the infrared and came down, circled, lit on the light. The pulsing shadows of its wings, enormous on the ceiling, were visible only to Mr Gumb. Over the sucking in the dark, Starling heard Mr Gumb’s ghastly voice, choking: “How … does … it feel … to be … so beautiful?””

Peak Identity Politics has passed, folks. Transinsanity is well and truly out of the bag.

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