The Brexit Party Warning Shot


The announcement by Nigel Farage that his Brexit Party is now a viable choice for the next European Elections in May  – should it need to be used – is key. Should there be any significant delay to Brexit – and the European elections be fought by UK politicians (let’s hope not) – then the Tories and Labour can expect to lose most of their MEPs. Even lifelong Tories who supported Brexit are likely to give Marmite Farage the benefit of their doubt and give Theresa May (if she’s PM in May) a shot across the bows. As for 2022 – Farage could cause carnage.

These are strange times. There’s plenty of talk on social media and in the press about another new party emerging from the now unelectable Labour Party (this seems unlikely with just 12 centrist MPs said to be leaving Corbyn’s antisemitic rabble, although alleged split-plotter Rachel Riley would be an attractive choice as Chancellor and demonstrates superior arithmetic dexterity to certain existing Labour Party front benchers). There are threats about yet more amendments in the offing this week from Remainers to thwart Brexit. When will they ever learn?


Meanwhile the growing yellow vest protests in France are being ignored by the mainstream media and the BBC is at an all time low in levels of trustworthiness, with huge numbers of all political persuasions now questioning the need to pay the TV Licence fee/tax and talk of one BBC Panorama reporter (dumb enough to be seen with that extreme fringe of Byline tin-foilers last summer) behaving far from impartially.

These are such strange times because – whether there’s a Brexit Party or not – there’s a feeling out there that we’re just one Brexit-block or delay away from a societal explosion, where the democracy that this land so cherished is frittered away by our lawmakers in Westminster. The generations who missed out, thankfully, on major wars could yet be caught up in violent struggle at home.

It’s as if the so-called elite are blind to their hypocrisy. Do they not acknowledge how the Web has educated the people about them?

Take the headline on Sunday’s BBC website with a photo of Amber Rudd – the daughter of a City stockbroker declared unfit to be a director – gleefully declaring tougher jail terms for directors caught mismanaging funds. Almost as blind as her brother Roland – Chairman of the “People’s Vote” and supposed PR guru – who went on the Today Programme last month to declare the need for a second referendum … from Davos.


Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House John Bercow grins as he’s spotted having a curry with Remainiac Ken Clarke in what the tabloids dubbed the Poppadom Plot. The political impartiality of the Speaker is one of the office’s most important features – and most emulated or aspired to outside the UK. Once elected, the Speaker severs all ties with his (or her) former party and is in all aspects of the job a completely non-partisan figure. What is Bercow playing at?

Then there’s the Tory, Claire Perry MP – fond of playing identity politics with “because I’m a woman” – who disses the “shires and shores” while calling Tory Brexiteers “antediluvian old sods”. Why doesn’t she go join the Corbynites since she seems to have such a fondness for Derrida?

It’s difficult to repeat this every week. And why on earth should it be publications like Country Squire Magazine that act as bush-telegraphs for Parliament to get the vibes on the feelings of the 17.4 million out there? Are Tory and Labour party apparatchiks ever leaving SW1 these days? Please listen, law-makers, there are swathes of so-called ordinary people in this country who bought their yellow vests on Amazon last year and who are even more furious this year.

Can you really not hear them? Can’t you see the growing popularity of No Deal? Doesn’t that give you a clue?

Send your researchers into the pubs and bars on a Friday night – outside of London – after the locals have had a few and listen to them talk more openly. Visit the barracks, attend the veterans’ events, take a few bus rides in the shires, visit a rugby league match – listen to your constituents. There are normal people out there who are livid with you. Can you imagine for one minute what the effect of denying Brexit will do to them? People who thus far believed in your faffing, which you and your (more credible) predecessors dared call British Democracy?

We are watching. There are far worse developments than the Brexit Party which await our future should Brexit be delayed or denied. You are playing not with procedure – you are playing with a fire we’ve not seen on these isles for centuries; flames of popular anger which could burn us all.