From Caliphate to Welfare State


The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. You can map the decline of a nation simply by its inability to uphold the laws founded for such a purpose. Britain is now failing this litmus test with alarming regularity.

Westminster is now perfectly willing to ignore its largest ever democratic vote, overlook the carnage on the streets of London lest the race card be deployed, and turn a blind eye to the industrial-scale rape of our young girls for the sake of appeasement. Treason is the latest acid test our politicians look certain to flunk.

Shamima Begum, the ISIS bride, is odds-on to be the latest in a long line of cataclysmic state failures for which we must see no evil and hear no evil, unless of course anyone fancies being convicted of a hate crime. LBC’s Nick Ferrari has already had his card marked on this matter, when a recent caller claimed only racist Brits oppose Isis brides from returning.

Begum left the UK for Syria in 2015 aged 15, and has clearly had a good time at the camp. She wasn’t fazed by the severed heads left in bins; neither (according to the Times) does she suffer any remorse. Nope, it’s the lack of decent healthcare in the ISIS benefits package that has swung it for her – like New York clinicians, ISIS are more focused on aborting life than supporting it.

Begum apparently still loves her jihadi husband, but is anxious to return to the UK as her birth may be exacerbated by the ‘stressful situation’ she finds herself in. I always wondered why more expectant mothers weren’t taking the ISIS-express lane to the top of the housing list, but apparently the constant executions can raise your blood pressure a tadge.

Amongst the commentariat, there appears to be a lot of sympathy for Begum’s return. You’d expect the usual suspects to turn the other cheek of course. Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, whose maths is good enough to recognise two potential votes, opined, ‘We are not in favour of making people stateless’.

Legal niceties aside, the other line being trotted out in defence of Begum is that at 15, she was simply too young to understand what she was doing. Seeing as our schools cannot even teach the young how to bunk off anymore, I’d respect that view, were it not for the fact that the left now seems determined to give the vote to anything old enough for gender reassignment.

Even the eminently sensible appear uncomfortable blocking Begum’s entry. Popular backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg commented, ‘I think there ought to be a certain human sympathy for a 15-year-old who has been abused, and to some extent has been a victim in this process.’ But the final nail in the coffin was when the Justice Secretary, David Gauke, admitted the government may be powerless to prevent Begum’s return.

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves what ISIS stands for. The Islamic State is a terrorist organisation that slaughters the innocent using the most barbaric methods, wages constant war on the West via massacres and bombings, and seeks to establish a global caliphate. We’re not talking the Girl Guides here.

Even debating Begum’s return is more disrespectful to our fallen heroes than the flagrant desecration of war memorials, which has sadly become a regular fixture. Our boys, younger than her, were sent to their death in the great wars; at least she had a choice.

A Britain which dithers on matters of national security cannot be considered a serious country. Instead, we have become a nation of perversions. The only people now denied asylum are those like Asia Bibi, who actually deserve it, while our police and judiciary seek to punish everything except the criminal.

The minimum requisite for jihadis given succour by the state, ought at the very least to be that they pretend not to want to kill us. And while I know that post-Brexit the odd item is expected to be in short supply, with 23,000 of these valuable commodities already on the books, do we really need to start importing them?

A nation can survive its fools, but it cannot survive treason from within. Allow this woman back, and you might as well have handed Anjem Choudary the keys to Buckingham Palace, and saved the £2million cost of keeping him under surveillance.

Personally, I don’t care much for the minutiae of international law. However, seeing as treason no longer carries the death penalty, if Begum does return, perhaps she could be put up in the penthouse suite indefinitely at her Majesty’s pleasure; it would be nice to see the taxpayer getting value for money for a change.

Unlike our current legislators, and for all his famed white supremacy, racism and genocide, Churchill got the big decisions right. He knew only too well that we must ‘defend our island, whatever the cost may be’. I think a bit of Churchillian villainy right now is precisely the tonic our nation needs.