A Prayer for Spring


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I wish You a pleasant and happy Sunday. I trust that March is a good and peaceful month for you (and our country).

Spring seems to have arrived early this year or are these days of high temperatures and sunny weather a counterfeit Spring? If we are snowed in over the next few weeks then we know it is the latter. The arrival of the snowdrops and daffodils is always a blessing. I notice people are more likely to wave and smile when the daffodils are out. Almost everyone seems happier and more optimistic. I even mowed the grass last weekend and I do not recall doing that in February.

Let’s this week pray for a rebirth. That may be a rebirth of your faith. It may be a rebirth of a good attitude. It may be You treat people better from now on. Please take some time out when You can and think about what could be better that You have control over, and plan to blossom.

Have a lovely week. God Bless to You and your loved ones.