Gloves Off


So, the House of Commons is no longer representative of British voters. Many years of political apathy in Britain have allowed a bunch of careerists, amateurs and Marxists to steal the green benches. A Remain Parliament voted for itself last night and this will not be fast forgotten.

The obvious route from here – after a delay to Brexit is called for today – is what got the Tories into this terrible position in the first place. It is time to ape Blair.

Remoan contractor Esler calls going behind the UK Parliament’s back and having a European ally like Italy or Hungary vote against any delay to Brexit “treachery”. (The EU27 must vote unanimously for the UK to receive any delay at all). But perhaps Esler’s time at the publicly-funded BBC cocoon has detached him from reality too – this is merely aping Tony Blair. It’s taking the gloves off – now that we have seen our MPs are not up to the task of delivering what we voted for. It’s time to step down into the Remoaners’ gutter and deal with these traitors there.

Treachery, Mr Esler?

The irony!

Blair, Campbell, Grieve, Soubry, Umunna, Clarke, Wollaston, Allen, Adonis, Mandelson. Need we mention any more “traitors” who have relentlessly put the EU first – negotiating behind the PM’s back with EU apparatchiks – since the EU referendum was called?

Brexit will be delivered. It should have been delivered many years ago but we let too many louche and self-preserving anti-Democrats into Parliament. The red benches are now their retirement home, rendering that chamber as useless as a chocolate teapot as well. This can all change when the will of the People is delivered. That will be the time to “clear the lobbies and clear the bar” – drop kick the Marxists to Transnistria and have all Conservatives face a lie detector when asked about representing conservative values.

Mrs May must be well-briefed by now. She will have intelligence on the road-blocking and violence around the corner. She is no traitor – whatever is said about her on Gab. And she will not risk lobbying hard for delayers.

Mrs May has the opportunity to dominate the use of her executive powers as Prime Minister now she knows Parliament has gone doolally. She certainly does not want to preside over a collapse from a tidy majority to civil war. She knows better than anyone that what the waning EU wanted all along was as ugly a political exit as possible for Britain – to make an example of us. It is May’s duty as a British Democrat to let the two weeks left just tick by.