We’re with Widdecombe


It’s good news that former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has announced she is set to return to politics – for the Brexit Party. Widdecombe stands for many of us when she says she would still vote Conservative in the upcoming local elections (no reason to get rid of decent Conservative councillors who are likely personally to vote for the Brexit Party in European Elections themselves) but says she will stand as a candidate for Nigel Farage’s new party in the European elections.

Widdecombe claims (in her column in the Daily Express) she wants to “fire a very loud warning shot across the bows” of the established parties and says the “last thing” she wanted was “a full-on return to the political fray” but she felt it necessary to re-affirm “the supremacy of the will of the people”. She added: “What the Remain campaign failed to achieve by fear must not be achieved by fatigue.”

Widdecombe’s personal views do not chime with many Country Squire Magazine readers, particularly on the issue of hunting, but on Brexit she has been correct all along. The fact she is siding so publicly with Farage will give thousands of Tory Brexiteers of a certain age the confidence to side in the European Elections with the party of a man they previously wanted nothing to do with.

Widdecombe is the kind of politician we miss these days. Glancing over at the House of Commons it’s hard to find the honest characters – let alone any characters at all – amidst the sea of Marxists, dullard career politicians and ineffective progressive mush. And it’s British politics that is sick at the moment – the rest of the nation is doing fine. It’s the House of Commons and the House of Lords that needs a damn good clear-out. The fundamental flaw in anything this country produces, usually world beating, is found in Westminster. And our current Prime Minister sits atop the stinking heap – yes, things are that rotten with UK politics.

The question so many Tories are asking themselves today is how do we prize out the dreadful Theresa May? If, as rumours swirl, she is ignoring the sound advice of Sir Graham Brady and is bunkered into 10 Downing Street thinking she’ll find a way out of the mess she has created for herself and the party, then it’s not men in dark suits time – it’s men in white coats time. Something drastic needs to be done, and fast.

Voting for the Brexit Party – for the likes of Widdecombe – at the European Elections is drastic but a sound move. The rabble at Westminster need a kick in the derrière and fast. Brexit must be delivered and we, the People, need to hear ourselves heard through our votes.

Ann, we commend you.