Comenius Project


Just when you thought it was safe to go into the classroom the EU funded Comenius Project arrives. A quick scan of the lesson plan tells you all you need to know about this propaganda project.

The lesson plan, available on the internet at  is targeted at 13 to 14 year olds. It suggests that teachers:

  • Encourage pupils to understand the concept of ‘identity’
  • Encourage pupils to be aware of the scope of the EU,
  • To identify the personal connections that they have with it,
  • Encourage pupils to identify the feelings that they have as a result of a these connections,
  • To perceive these as their EU identity,
  • Channel this awareness into pieces of expressive artwork accompanied by written pieces of reflective explanation.

The EU describe Comenius as “a European Union educational project. It concerns school-level education, and is part of the EU’s Erasmus + 2014-2020 Programme. It aims to help young people and educational staff better understand the range of European cultures, languages and values”.

That is an innocent explanation of what is a more serious propaganda tool. It is hard to see the educational value of a programme designed to elicit a ‘EU identity.’ This is no more than a straightforward propaganda campaign.

Why should our money be spent on such a transparent piece of EU evangelism? There is something chilling about the way children are being targeted by this project. It is absolutely right that we are leaving the EU if this is the sort of thing that membership entails.

Another scary “unifying” EU project is the Jean Monnet Programme.

The EU is a protectionist trading bloc. It is not something that any of us have as part of our identity. It is a Soviet style project designed to capture children’s minds at a formative stage. The last thing that we want is to have them taught that part of their identity belongs to the EU.

Leaving is the only logical reaction to this type of behaviour.

Let’s get on with leaving now.