Equality Lie Violation


There isn’t much left which isn’t racist. Managing to avoid it can be quite a challenge. Everything from your morning coffee to the weather is racism embodied. My personal favourites include: sandwiches, classical music, dating sites, science, being white, having a white family, disliking foreign food, liking foreign food, staring at people, not staring at people, and of course not being racist – the worst racism of all.

The problem with racism is that it’s not about racism anymore. While science informs us that we are all inherently racist (3-month old babies show a marked preference for their own race), we need make no apologies for our nature. It is our actions surely, rather than our evolution for which we must take responsibility.

A good illustration of this distinction between thoughts and actions is that one-man race awareness course, David Lammy. I don’t actually mind that Lammy hates white people – that must be his personal choice. I start to get a little peeved that he pursues his hobby on the taxpayer’s dime, and indeed markets it as anti-racism. Where I might wish to draw the line however, is his self-indulgent ‘white saviour’ crusade, which singlehandedly wiped £8M from the Comic Relief coffers overnight.

We are inconsistent too in our vendetta against racism. Everyone is it seems, perfectly willing to tolerate it provided it fits the accepted script. Claim ‘all white people are racist’ for instance, and you’re well on your way to becoming the next Labour LGBT advisor. It is no coincidence that those excoriated for their racism are invariably white men: Roger Scruton, Danny Baker, Liam Neeson, and on it goes.

Imagine Boris Johnson being lionised for ripping his shirt off, and chanting ‘Fuck Stormzy’ at the next Tory party conference; you can’t, can you?

The term ‘racism’ has been denuded of all meaning, and is now merely a euphemism for what people really want to sell you. Traditionally this has either been in the form of banal virtue-signalling, or an excuse to bash everyone’s favourite target – straight, white men (the patriarchy).

Increasingly however, the most popular use of the term is the left’s go-to means to silence opinions it doesn’t like, or more specifically cannot debate.

Expecting voters to actually be who they say they are – that’s racist. Trying to save lives by implementing stop-and-search, well that’s racist too. Drawing conclusions about Pakistani rape gangs, don’t even go there. Voting for Brexit – take a wild guess. Opposed to open borders – congratulations, you’ve been upgraded to Nazi. Questioning whether 30-year-old migrants might not be children, you’re literally Hitler.

So it’s no surprise to learn that racism’s new star striker, the British Medical Association, overwhelmingly agreed it was racist to charge foreign patients to use the NHS, at their annual conference in Belfast last week.

‘We are doctors not border guards’, said Dr Omar Risk. ‘Charging migrants for accessing NHS services is a fundamentally racist endeavour.’

Proposing the motion to abandon charges, on the grounds that the NHS should be ‘free for all’, is Dr Jackie Appleby, chair of Tower Hamlets BMA. Not only does Appleby claim the charges are a form of racial profiling, but she also considers the annual cost of UK health tourism (estimated at £200million to £2billion) ‘peanuts in the grand scheme of things’. It’s remarkable how generous people are when giving away other people’s money.

Perhaps the worst aspect of the constant race card deployment is its spectacular laziness. When every minute aspect of life does not demonstrate perfect uniformity across race or any other measure (there is no reason on earth why it should, seeing as equality is a lie we, not science created), that variance should be a source of interest and further understanding, rather than accusation.

In less than the time it takes to write this article, you can guarantee that another travesty of a headline is being published in this most disingenuous of wars; and indeed, here it is: ‘Black babies are more likely to be stillborn. That is institutional racism.’ Of course it is.

In today’s London, crime is totally out of control. One major causal factor is the power of the race card. While effective policing and more police generally are required, the race card itself must be destroyed.

When people accuse you of racism, what they mean is you have violated their equality lie; you have refused to automatically assume that individuals, groups and cultures all act and think alike. You have refused to impose sanctions on what the truth may be – an eminently sensible position.

We are going to have to bite the bullet on this, and give them what they want. We’re going to have to accept the accusation, rather than spending all our time denying it: ‘Sure, you can call it racist. In what way does that alter the situation, address my point or change the facts?’

As onerous a task as that might be, and as despicable a slur as racism indeed is, it is a term we are going to have to accept in order to force the left to debate – the very thing they are trying to avoid. If we don’t, facts and reason will no longer mean anything; and that’s too high a price to pay.

You cannot have a National Health Service for the world, even a racist one.