Getting Ahead to Enjoy the Classics at a Distance

Country life is the only life I could imagine. As much interest as the city can hold when it comes to newer developments, living in it is not a price which I, or many others, would pay to enjoy such rarities. Instead, I’ve found a lot of luck recently turning to more technological solutions. It requires a little knowledge work getting here, for sure, but hard work is not something I’m afraid of.

What inspired this article was what I found recently when updating my old internet connection which I had first established five years ago. It was high-speed, at the time, but family members let me know it was no longer up to snuff.


Glasfaser frontal – dark – blau” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Christoph Scholz

The first thing I found out, which our readers should be aware of, is that internet providers will lower their prices over time without informing their users. As is turns out, they no longer offered the older plan I was on, having long since replaced it with a faster and cheaper alternative. Did they tell me about this though? No, of course, they didn’t. Now I pay less each month to a different provider for unlimited data, which has given me opportunities I missed originally.

I enjoy the odd casino game, but I’m usually too busy to play these in person. With a bit of searching on my new internet, I found out that websites like Oddschecker could help me find places to play at home over the internet. Even better, these listed a few big bonuses in free bets and credits, which had me wonder what else was out there.

Turning again to my family for suggestions, I was recommended checking out Netflix, which I had so far ignored in favour of Sky. As it turns out, I could purchase Netflix with the money I had saved from my monthly internet bill, which gave me another range of classics to enjoy.


Netflix” (CC BY 2.0) by Tim Reckmann |

Primarily I like documentaries and vintage films, but viewers with more contemporary tastes can rest assured that there is an enormous range of choices available here too.

As something I overlooked for so long, I’m loathe to admit I might have been a bit wrong what I thought this digital field could bring. Of course, I place some blame on the internet providers, as they have given me significant trouble over the years, which certainly didn’t help their case.

Anybody on the lookout to expand their horizons from the comfort of their own home, however, might consider taking the same path as I have. It’s easier to set up than you think, and it certainly beats a trip into the city.