A Prayer for Those in Pain


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine I trust that You are well and that Your families are happy and healthy. This week I’d like to pray for those of You and those around the world who live day-to-day having to deal with constant pain.

This time of year when the temperature drops is when You feel pain. Those knocks and aches seem to come out like trick or treaters around Halloween. Knees twist, hips recoil, arthritis has a field day and skin tends to play up now it sees less of the sun.

For some the pain is all too much. There is one man I knew who simply hobbled into the sea. Those who travel around on mobility scooters or who You see sitting on the supermarket bench when they get to the store – You know that their weekly shop is a huge struggle and they need encouragement or assistance to complete the task before them.

It’s easy to be envious. You watch the children running around and it is all too simple to hark back to days long gone. It is the now that You must deal with. Failing bodies are part and parcel of being human. You must strive to keep the brain sharp and, as with a car, treat Your body well so it lasts long enough for You to become a classic; to attain wisdom.

So, this week, please pray for those in pain. This may be You. I wish You a peaceful Sunday and a prosperous week. God Bless You all. And please remember Country Squire reader S-A-M who died this week aged just forty years – may he rest in peace and may his family take solace in the fact of his many friends.

Dear Lord,

I simply cannot take this pain anymore. It is overcoming me like a powerful wave and taking all my energy to handle. Please anoint me with strength! I cannot get through this without you, and I turn to you in my time of need. I surrender myself to you. Please send your hands down to heal me! The smallest amount of movement is rendering me catatonic and I am feeling alone and helpless. I reach out to you today because I need comfort and a friend. I need rest. Nothing you lead me to is too hard for me to handle. I can get through this with the strength you give me, as can others who are in pain. Please help us all. 

In Jesus’ Name We Pray,