A Most Peculiar Election


This has been a very odd General Election run-up so far. To be frank, I am left with more questions than answers:

  • Hypocrisy. The Liberal Democrats are pledging a £100 Billion Climate Fund and have an election pact with the Greens in some seats. So why have I received – 16 so far – leaflets from them? And nowhere on these leaflets does it say “recycled paper”. They are glossy leaflets covered in environmentally-unfriendly polymers. They shall not be getting my vote, especially now that I know their screechy leader’s CV has just one entry outside of Westminster bubble work – working for too short a time in the real world in the marketing department of the Hull radio station Viking FM.
  • Abacus. Has anyone seen Diane Abbott this election campaign? Labour plan to put her in charge of the police, domestic security services and immigration, yet she doesn’t seem to have appeared in any interviews or been put under any serious scrutiny at all? She has a 35,000 majority – which says a lot about her seat – but where is she?
  • Inheritance. Why are not more people discussing Labour’s inheritance tax plans? Everyone knows about Labour’s Brexit plan now, everyone knows about the antisemitism and everyone knows about their spending. Their plans to reduce the inheritance tax threshold to £125k would affect almost everyone in the country – it’s not a tax on the rich, it’s a tax on every hard-working family. Don’t people know about Corbyn & McDonnell’s aim to reduce the threshold to £125,000? This is the one thing they seem to fear the most about a Corbyn government (meaning they won’t inherit what they thought they would, and their children won’t either). It seems to be a policy equally unpopular with working class voters who’ve worked hard to save, pay off their mortgages and provide a better life for their children.
  • Shameful. 25-30% of Britons will support Corbyn’s Labour? Corbyn was so far out there in his support for the enemies of Britain that even The Guardian told Gerry Adams – who we all know ran the IRA as well as Sinn Fein – to stay clear of him. Corbyn is a despicable human being. His connections are traitorous. Are up to one third of the British voting population that Britain-hating or blind?
  • Electoral Fraud. It’s well-known that Rebecca Dent Coad got into the Commons as an MP because of voter fraud. The Tories at the time didn’t ask for an investigation because they suspected their own house was not as clean as it should be. Now – with a decent lead in the polls – they should be providing for deep police scrutiny of areas where we know voter fraud is going on. Why are we not seeing this announcement? The Tories could nail Labour on this. Labour has become a morally relativist party – they will try and win the election by hook or crook.
  • Nonsensical. Why are some sound Brexit Party candidates and certain sound “independents” standing against Tories in marginals? For an example of a good lad who’s a Brexit Party candidate, look no further than Martin Daubney, the Parliamentary Candidate for Ashfield, where he is still claiming he can win but polls suggest Labour cannot win Ashfield unless the Brexit party split the Tory vote. Then there’s Ann Milton, the Independent candidate for Guildford, who’s been a loyal Tory since sound Tories in that true blue constituency backed her there from 2005 – is Milton now that disloyal and bitter she would prefer Guildford to have a Lib Dem MP and reduce the Tory Majority? I think not. If these people take some time out from the campaign and sit in a quiet place like a darkened room or a church crypt then they will see the error of their ways – the best way to repay past loyalties and support. Martin has been spearheading Brexit – he should start backing the Tory candidate to enhance further his high standing amongst fellow Brexiteers. 
  • The Voice of Antisemitism. Finally, there is literally no difference between Ken Loach and the holocaust-denying liar David Irving. Why – at a time when our Jewish community has a suitcase packed just in case Corbyn and his anti-Semites get in – are mainstream media allowing Loach on as a Labour-backing spokesperson? The man is part of Left Unity – they are nutcases who debate whether 9/11 was justified or not.

As I said, a very strange election…

Nick Cartwright is a stockbroker from Dunsfold in Surrey.