Despite hogging the headlines for the past week, ITV’s dismissal of Alastair Stewart is a non-story. That Stewart was sacked for racism – sorry, an ‘error of judgement’ – hardly needs saying. We’ve been here before with tedious regularity. Stewart is merely the latest in a long line of white men, caught in possession of an unauthorised opinion.

For Danny Baker it was the wrong joke, for Roger Scruton the wrong remark, and for Jon Holmes it was simply being white. Now Alastair Stewart has been found guilty of quoting Shakespeare without undertaking due diligence on his Twitter troll – surely the very first thing ITN’s Editorial Guidelines would have insisted upon?

Most of us would agree, genuine misconduct of all hues deserves to be addressed and dealt with appropriately. Unfortunately, while the left loves social justice, genuine misconduct has an awkward tendency to be disproportionately non-white. Never mind, hard-core misogyny, antisemitism and systematic gang rape can easily be overlooked, provided the right voting patterns are observed.

To compensate, the Left has at least found one form of misconduct it really likes: the ‘racism’ of white men. Merely shrieking ‘racist!’ is now sufficient grounds to avoid issues for which they have no answers, and to blame every worldly wrong upon their preferred target.

If you’re white, in particular a white man, there is nothing you can now do which isn’t racist, or at least open to wilful misinterpretation. Anything white is ‘too white’; a sentiment one cannot help thinking Jon Snow must be earning healthy royalties from, and one the BBC couldn’t help invoking as Big Ben chimed for Brexit:

There is a school of thought which claims white men should not be allowed opinions at all – not just on race, but in general. As Labour leadership flop Jess Phillips put it ‘pass the mic’. To the extent that we tolerate this blindly, we are all complicit – except it’s against white men, so of course it doesn’t count.

Ardent hatred of white men certainly has its devotees, generously dispersed throughout the media and amongst the Labour front bench; I just believe it should be declared honestly.

Were there the vaguest trace of consistency in these matters, you might just take it on the chin. Except, with the Left the only scriptwriters, there’s an inevitable double standard. If the culture wars were being played out on the Monopoly board, the left would already own Mayfair and Park Lane: Hollywood and social media; the stories people are allowed to hear, and the ones they are allowed to write themselves.

Hence Rachel Riley can have Katie Hopkins removed from Twitter with a whisper in the right ear. Though you can’t help feeling a ‘free speech’ platform without free speech is about as effective as Countdown totty without any O’s:

It’s why luvvies like Kathy Burke and John Hannah will face no sanctions for their vitriolic treatment of Brexit voters:

And why Soubry, Jones and Lammy can call you Nazis, but you can’t return the favour.

Don’t like it? It’s OK, you’re probably racist.

We’re in dangerous waters here. Think about the stupidity of what the Left claim to believe: if Moira Stewart or Sir Trevor McDonald had quoted Shakespeare, no one would have batted an eyelid. Criticism of multiculturalism requires Trevor Phillips not David Cameron. Pakistani rape gangs are a legitimate issue for Maajid Nawaz, not Sarah Champion obviously. And absentee black fathers? I’ll listen to David Lammy, never Rod Liddle.

The idea that truth is conditional on the identity of the speaker is quite possibly the most dangerous idea in society right now. I’d always assumed radical Islam would finish us off, but a few more decades of this shit, and I’ll be paying Anjem Choudary to chop my kuffar head off.

There are only two choices here: keep your head down, don’t ever say anything and hope they only come for the Shakespeare quoters (ps, you know he’s racist, right?), or fight back.

To do that, we are going to have to stop playing their game. You’re racist no matter what you do, so stop denying it; a denial which will never be accepted anyway. We’re going to have to bite the bullet and accept the slur. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s our only choice. In doing so, we can force them to address reality – the thing that terrifies them the most.

It was wrong that Alastair Stewart was sacked. But it was also wrong that ITV employees showed up for work the following day, and that regular viewers tuned in.

If you believe in something you have to stand up and be counted, no matter what. That has never been truer than it is right now.