Quarantine Marxists?


Typhoid Mary was an Irish lady called Mary Mallon who emigrated to the United States in the 1880’s. Mary showed no symptoms of typhoid fever, however she carried the disease in her blood, and she was infectious. Since Mary thought all doctors were insufferable quacks and she didn’t feel at all unwell, she insisted on carrying on with her beloved vocation – with her work as a cook for others. She managed to infect at least fifty-one people during her lifetime, three of whom died. Eventually she was separated from society and forced into quarantine where she spent the last decades of her life, lonely as can be – unrepentant and still claiming innocence. She cooked only for herself.

According to the most recent World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates, between 11 and 21 million cases and 128,000 to 161,000 typhoid-related deaths occur annually worldwide. The WHO recommends that all typhoid fever vaccination programmes should be implemented in the context of other efforts to control the disease, including health education, water quality and sanitation improvements, and training of health professionals in diagnosis and treatment. Wherever possible those with typhoid fever – like Mary – are segregated.

Coronavirus at time of writing has infected 1.2 million people and helped cause, or caused, 120,000 deaths. The disease has compelled whole nations to go into lock-down, costing multiple trillions of dollars of economic loss and damage. Coronavirus has radically reduced individual freedoms, forced the vulnerable into a draconian form of self-isolation and handed totalitarian levels of power, although temporarily so we are told, to the state.

In his introduction to the Black Book of Communism (1999), Stéphane Courtois claims 100 million have been killed by Marxist ideology. While ideologies are systems of ideas which cannot commit crimes independently, individuals, collectives and states that have defined themselves as Marxist have committed crimes in the name of Marxist ideology, or without naming Marxism as the direct source of motivation for their crimes. In the past – without question – communist regimes like the Russian, Chinese and Cambodian have turned murder into a state machine.

If you take the 172 years from the year 1848 when The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was published, 581,395 have died on average per annum courtesy of attempts to manifest Marxist ideology. Estimates at total deaths due to Marxist regimes vary between 85 million and 110 million. Even by the lower arbiter, 494,186 people have died on average per annum thanks to Marxists since 1848. The corpses still continue to pile up in Venezuela.

So why are we not forcing Marxists into quarantine?

Why do we allow political apathy and ignorance to hand them seats in our parliaments and in our universities? Why do we let them anywhere near our children? Why do we give them control of public monies and let them run unions? Why do we let them spread fake news via co-opted departments of our national broadcaster and give voices to enemies of Britain via their propped-up rags? Indeed, why do we let them run countries, science labs and nuclear facilities?

Because we respect others’ freedoms.

Freedom should be ubiquitous. You can’t banish bitterness or stupidity just as you can’t make ugliness illegal. Permanent lock-downs are always counter-productive. You can’t force those with blood on their hands to repent. Banishing people for their beliefs and ideas is what lowlife communists, fascists and other extremists succumb to – just ask the Uighurs. Freedom shines a useful light on the sinister.

Although it may well be tempting to some, and although she personifies Marxism, Marxists should not be treated like Typhoid Mary. However there is nothing wrong with illuminating the shadows where the worst Marxists fester, especially where money has changed hands. The sound carry natural immunity against the Marxist disease, nonetheless paying students deserve to be told what kind of tutors they are buying with their student debt before they decide to attend university. Unions should become representative of their paying members and ostracise their Marxist hijackers. The BBC should lose its licence fee and be forced to reflect the word British in its name. And Marxists should be free to continue to take humiliating shellackings at general elections as whiny also-rans – or in Sanders’ case, to a geriatric groper in the primaries – so we can all remind these Marxist reprobates just how shameless and unattractive they and their failed, bloody ideas are.

Dominic Wightman is Editor of Country Squire Magazine.