Prayer for Peoples of the World


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your families are holding up. These weeks of self-imprisonment are not easy. Well done to You all for staying at home.

This week I would like to focus our prayers on those abroad, especially the vulnerable children who cannot get healthcare and who are fast losing parents in countries where Coronavirus statistics are massaged; in places like North Korea and in Ecuador. I hear from a dear friend that in Venezuela the petrol shortage has meant that hospital trolleys are pushed down the street as there is not enough fuel for the ambulances.

The big fear in weaker lands is hunger. Food is in short supply already across parts of the developing world and, when supply is delayed by illness, the effects can be tragic. Let us pray this week for those worse off than ourselves. We may be complaining about restrictions on chopped tomatoes or being unable to locate a bag of flour when there are those in foreign countries succumbing to disease on empty stomachs and with little if any access to medical care.

It does well to ponder our relative wealth at times. Let us be thankful.

I wish You all well. I trust that, although each day now seems the same to many, You take the time today to remember it is Sunday and to relax and pray. I am praying for You all. I keep You all close to my heart in these strange days of isolation. God Bless You all and be sure there is light at the end of this tunnel.

God of compassion,

at this time of crisis,

we bring before you the peoples of our country and the world.

We ask for your blessing and strength for those working tirelessly to protect and save life.

We pray especially for vulnerable children and young people who are at greater risk during this time:

those who are not safe at home;

those who may be plunged into even greater poverty;

those whose fragile mental health may worsen;

those who feel abandoned and alone.

Draw near to all who suffer in mind, body or spirit.

Please bless our efforts and keep all with whom we work safe from harm.

We ask this in the precious name of Jesus.