After two years of polluting the political ether with conspiracy and conjecture, an illusionary truth formed in Britain’s liberal elite mirroring that of the Trump-Russian collusion conjured by their US counterparts. It is now received wisdom in much of Britain, and indeed Europe, that Britain’s freedom from the EU was won by unscrupulous means.

Not that truth and accuracy is still expected of Britain’s media, but if it was, then last Friday should have seen that illusion demystified and Darren Grimes become the subject of worldwide news –  not least amongst the British outlets who were all too happy to trumpet reports of his mythicised wrongdoings. But of course news of his innocence was received by our liberal media with little more than bitter acquiescence. The BBC relegated the story to the distant regions of its website alongside articles about garden centres and videos on female ejaculation.

Knowing that in the age of social media more importance is given to the headline than the body of text beneath it, the BBC’s editorial team decided to run with this: ‘Met Police end probe into pro-Brexit campaigners’. An honest editor would propose slight amendments, something along the lines of ‘Met police drop charges against Leave campaigners’. The change is subtle, yet the BBC’s headline suggests a hidden menace notably absent from mine. ‘Probe’ indicates some failed attempt at uncovering criminality and the ’pro’ in ‘pro-Brexit’ somehow acts as a negative, lending itself to the uncomfortable air of a Nazi sympathiser.

Not to be outdone by the BBC’s quisling efforts, Sky presenter Adam Boulton justified not giving the story a headline slot by tweeting: ‘Why? The Electoral Commission did what it is supposed to. Not everyone who is charged is guilty except in China.’ This is the same barmy Boulton – the activist – who claimed that to be a Tory Brexiteer was somehow to be far-right.

Whilst London’s elite caste may think the £20,000 fine they menaced Darren for was just a slap on the wrist, to a young man who was yet to find himself a stable income, that was no small sum. Indeed, Grimes has spoken of how his mother would have had to sell her house in order to fund such an unjust ruling.

Up until now, Grimes’ pursuers relied on pleas to authority to justify their streams of portentous ire. Well, how the tables have turned! Now the eyes of the world – a world that respects Britain for its liberty and fair play – are firmly upon the Electoral Commission and Britain’s media and they have a great deal to answer for. None more so than Grime’s chief traducer, Carole Cadwalladr, who, when news of Grime’s vindication emerged, chose the misdirection play of a fake coup in socialist Venezuela to focus her tinfoilers on.

What can be said of Ms Cadwalladr? Her deranged scribblings are to journalism what astrology is to astronomy. Less enlightened times would have seen her lobotomised or locked in an attic. Guido Fawkes recently revealed that Cadwalladr harassed young Darren with night-time phone calls ‘screaming down the phone’ at him. If Cadwalladr is found to have libelled Darren and Arron Banks, who is currently suing her for such delinquencies,  then no leniency should be shown to her so long as she protests to be of sound mind.

In astonishing insolence, the Electoral Commission are now demanding powers similar to our police. That one of their key figures said they would not want to live under a Tory government is further proof that they should be disbanded and its members should think themselves damn lucky if the intervention ends there.

For years us Brexiteers have had to endure the pious piffle – that in wanting to make our own laws and to welcome highly skilled immigrants from less than Caucasian countries is somehow an expression of fascistic tendencies. Curious, then, that those irrevocably committed to the European Union have decided to follow Goebbels’ handbook which states  ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.’