Please, Back to Basics


The memes about PC police are many and varied. The British police services have been jumping through hoops for a couple of decades to reinvent themselves as inclusive – embracing diversity. The online comedians have made hay with rainbow-painted patrol cars and epaulettes, with female officers being dry-humped at the Notting Hill carnival and some officers getting sent out for duty on skate boards. I have come across some of the graduate officers with right on, woke politics and found them somewhat reticent to make arrests of protected groups regardless of the gravity of the offence committed. Perhaps some of the ridicule heaped on them may be merited?

As a youngster, I was taught to respect and fear the police in equal measure. This was pretty universal where I came from. My views only changed when I was inducted into Marxism, though this change of mind was reinforced by having my head cracked by metropolitan police officers a couple of times. Don’t let anyone kid you, those ebonite nightsticks don’t half hurt. As I transitioned out of leftism and slowly walked across the political spectrum towards classic liberalism, it dawned on me that our social contract – which included policing by consent – was something that should be jealously guarded. In the most part over the last 20 years, my views of individual policemen have stayed constant. At the same time I have been dismayed by the slavish devotion of top law enforcement officers and police crime commissioners to political correctness and key performance indicators (KPI) which reduced police officers to paramilitary social workers. Real policing, as some old hands will tell you, has been substituted by the people in charge, in favour of a list of ever-changing priorities.

Imagine my amusement then when I discovered one of the primary proposals emerging from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists is to scrap the police. Clearly the police haven’t debased themselves enough to please the Maoists and Trots, not even the waiving of Covid19 regulations to let them go on the rampage in Bristol and London was enough to feed the ravenous beast that is the hard left. I can imagine now that top police officers are having an emotional crisis after their officers were battered by protesters – having been sent out without riot gear, so as not to inflame the situation.

Over the pond in the US, some urban police forces are seeing a sharp uptick in early retirements and resignations because their woke civic leaders are showing absolute contempt for the safety of their officers. The most high-profile mass resignation was in Buffalo New York state, where every member of the Special Tactical unit resigned and returned to normal duties. A report on US news stated that with early retirements the national numbers for the police could drop by 90,000 or ten percent, so perhaps without some intervention by the authorities there will be no need to defund the police as the protesters demand, because the service will collapse under the weight of staff shortages and lack of volunteer applicants.

A similar state of affairs occurred in Germany between the wars. On one occasion the police service in Bavaria disintegrated and ushered in a short-lived Marxist revolution, the federal authorities sent in the troops and a little known group called the Freikorps to restore order. The Freikorps were made up of veterans, mercenaries and proto-nazis.

What worries me is not the threat from out-of-hand racist police, it is the fact that the authorities seem powerless to stop the destruction of our cities. There is evidence of a void and BLM has chosen its targets wisely. Apparently Nelson’s column is now top of BLM’s wish list. The British authorities must clamp down on the Bolsheviks before we end up in a succession of riots with racial undertones.

Having said that, I believe that Priti Patel is a good Home Secretary and must see the dangerous waters that we are sailing into and I hope she acts intelligently. It’s time for police officers to get back to basics and restore order, not pander to special interest groups. The future of our society depends upon it.

Paul Newall is a child of the 1960’s from a traditional Labour-supporting household. Paul dabbled with Trotskyism in the 1980’s but then “grew up and thanks to having responsibilities I slowly migrated across the political spectrum until instead of hating Maggie Thatcher I admired her for beating my side in the miners’ strike”.