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We’re currently living through history; a time our children will hopefully look back upon, and wonder what the hell was going on. As UK police are instructed to kneel rather than aggravate the ‘largely peaceful’ thuggery, it’s easy to get distracted by the carnage on the streets of London. The most poignant aspect of the Black Lives Matter riots however, may not be the violence, but the quiet boarding up of Winston Churchill.

Voted the greatest Briton of all time in a 2002 nationwide poll, Winnie has now entered the Witness Protection Program. Not only are Churchill’s rather exotic curves a tad racy for Londoners under Sadiq Khan’s watch, he didn’t even have to don a bikini to cause a stir. What on earth has happened in the past two decades for Churchill to evoke such hostility?

I believe one important aspect is the new crime of ‘seeing things’. Britain has become a strange place of late, where everything is policed except crime. FGM, knife crime, even gang rape is de rigueur – but speaking out about them without the correct nomenclature is a dangerous game.

If you want a good example of how this plays out, consider the industrial-scale rape of white British girls by largely Muslim men over the span of decades. The government had no problem with this, routinely ignoring information they received. The police meanwhile, only got agitated about grooming when someone tried to get them involved. When forced to comment, they blamed the victims for their ‘poor behaviour’.

One serial victim, Cassie Pike, made the mistake of noticing something after the 100th time she was gang-raped. But when she alerted the police, they arrested her for ‘facilitating’ the crime!

Labour MP, Sarah Champion also thought she saw something, and spoke out in the House of Commons about Pakistani men raping underage British girls. She was immediately forced to resign by Jeremy Corbyn, who thought on balance that she really ought not to have seen anything.

On the other hand, another Labour MP, Naz Shah, definitely didn’t see anything, and went to great lengths to inform anyone who thought they might have, to ‘shut up for the sake of diversity’. Naturally, she was swiftly promoted to Shadow Equalities Minister.

The media in Britain rarely see anything of note, and when they do, are surprisingly uninquisitive. When two Jewish men were spat at last year on the Edgware Road in London, Adam Boulton tweeted ‘no excuse, but it is a Middle Eastern quarter’.

The government meanwhile has tried desperately to prevent the public from scorching their eyes on the long-awaited report into grooming gangs, claiming that publishing would not be ‘in the public interest’.

What’s clear from the past two weeks is that in London pretty much anything goes: you can smash the place up with impunity. See the wrong thing, however, and no matter who you are, you will be silenced.

Take former Equality Tsar, Trevor Philips. Philips was fine all the while he was popularising the term ‘islamophobia’, but then he seemed to have a change of heart, and actually examined the figures dispassionately. The minute he did so, he was suspended from the Labour Party on the pretext of, you’ve guessed it, islamophobia!

It is unclear whether the don’t see don’t tell approach to Churchill will be enough. There are already plans afoot to stuff his ‘controversial statue’ into a museum, or is that asylum? No one knows what we’re looking at better than Google, and they too appear to have suddenly taken issue with Churchill’s image; although in fairness, living up to the standards of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini is a big ask.

What is clear is that they’re coming for us all – not just the living, or the famous dead, but even the unknown dead can no longer sleep soundly. The gravestones of G H Elliott and Alice Banford, who both wore blackface, have been covered up at St Margaret’s Church in Rottingdean, Sussex. Despite dwindling church numbers, clearly Archdeacon Martin Lloyd Williams had no choice but to ‘out’ these despicable headstones for the crime of non-wokeness.

The cover-up of Britain is the inevitable consequence of basing a society on victimhood rather than facts: you have to find someone to blame for the resulting failure, so you end up blaming the rape victims not the rapists, the law abiding masses not the rioters, and the statues, not those who desecrate them.

Whatever you do, as those around defile our most sacred monuments, make sure you don’t actually see anything – you may find yourself boarded up, for your own protection, naturally.

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