Playing the Mental Health Card


There is an individual who has been pestering high profile women for over a decade. From the comfort of his bedroom he searches each and every listing about them online. He questions those close to his victims. He follows victims on social media using aliases. He is highly organised and what the police call a ‘professional troll’, although he is yet to distinguish online references from actual facts and often makes amateur and crucial mistakes in his deductions. His victims include politicians, policewomen, children and also a bunch of men from across politics, media and business. The local police know him well. He uses proxies, VOIP and burn phones. He’s a venomous and hideous character hiding behind the respectable facade of ‘blogger’ and social commentator.

In spite of PINs and multiple ‘last warnings’ and even after his electronics were seized by the police, he has never been charged. He has had endless numbers of dealings with multiple forces, is known to the highest echelons of the Met and has even been used as part of a case study in the creation of new stalker legislation. He and his accomplices have now been banned from the Labour Party. Yet let’s repeat, he has never been charged.


He claims to have a history of mental illness. Whether this is true or he has engineered it, this puts off the police.

A police officer who has been following the case of this individual well, wrote recently:

Mental health (MH)  … I think that’s the real issue for the police, as in a policing attitude problem, it is almost impossible to get a conviction where MH is diagnosed or presented within a case…. One of the issues with police and I am sure they would deny it is that when this happens they almost pass the case into a medical box and just keep recording incidents and pass it to the local authority or MH services. They very rarely go to capability panels for prosecution and when they do hardly anything passes the CPS.

That’s just unacceptable. The police need to step up. They need to be given a hand by the CPS to prosecute more mentally ill perpetrators. A troll register as exists for paedophiles would be a good start.

What about the women this individual has stalked? What about their partners? How about their children? Why should they all have been made to suffer by this pervert? What is the price they are paying for someone else’s ‘mental health’? The real lives he has damaged from behind his collection of phones and computers, often used anonymously, merit recompense and justice.

So it is OK for victims to have their loved ones receive pornified photos, their associates to receive ‘warning’ letters about them, for anyone with any obvious connection to the victims to get pestered and bothered by the mentally ill stalker’s malevolent tactics?


It’s unacceptable behaviour. He should not be allowed to project his problems onto others.

While we should all have sympathy for those who are mentally ill, mental illness is no excuse for such sustained and evil campaigns.

The mentally ill stalker simply must be prosecuted. He should have his electronics permanently removed by a court. He should be medicated better, and his freedoms should be slashed just as he wore away at the freedoms of others. If he fails to change his ways then surely he must be sectioned, to protect society from his maliciousness.

The sad truth is that many of you reading this will know exactly who we are referring to. Please, do not bait the troll. Let the police and CPS finally act appropriately after all these years and let the troll’s points of mitigation be as few as possible when he answers to all these charges in a court of law. And give his accomplices the chance to confess all before they too face justice.

One day this tale will end.

Let it end in court, rather than see escalations which end in a pool of blood.

Playing the mental health card should never allow such people to be separated from the responsibility for the crimes they have committed. Priti Patel and the police, please take note.