Knife Crime Truth

BY ANDREW MOODY The tragic knife murder of 17 year old Girl Scout Jodie Chesney by an assailant who, without saying a word, stabbed her in the back, has sparked off a series of frenzied media reports of teen knife murders. After a young man was stabbed in Tottenham the number of murders and man slaughters in December 2018 rose to 131. This has only … Continue reading Knife Crime Truth


The Day I Met Goldfinger

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN In the late nineties, I rented a humble¬†pied √† terre in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canaries. The apartment had a balcony which hung over the edge of a deep volcanic gorge, known as the Barranco, which wound down through Santa Cruz town and into the Atlantic. From that vantage point, there was a fine view of the cruise ships, ferries … Continue reading The Day I Met Goldfinger