A Prayer of Thanksgiving


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that this message finds you well and happy. As temperatures drop and autumn winds make leaves uncatchable in our gardens, I hope that You feel fine and that You are looking forward with joy to a decent Christmas this year.

Today I would like You to spend a minute or two giving thanks.

Thanks for your family, for the roof over your head, perhaps for a fabulous car or laptop. Whatever it is that You cherish, thank God for it.

At this time of year it is the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I most give thanks for. From my office I can look out across the fields, and I see all the colours of the rainbow in some of the natural spectacles unfolding before my eyes. That to me is God in all his glory.

I wish You a peaceful Sunday and a prosperous week ahead. If there are aspects of your life You feel unable to thank anyone for, tell God. That is the right thing to do. God Bless You all.

Thank You Lord for the gifts on our table,

Thank You Lord for the car I drive and the home I live in,

Thank You Lord for the clothes and shoes I wear,

Thank You Lord for all the things that I sometimes take for granted which help me every day,

Thanks You Lord for my pets, so loyal and kind, 

Thank You Lord most of all for the love and friendship I receive from fellow humans, without which I could not say I am born in Your image and without which our lives would be miserable and dark.

Lord in Your mercy please hear my prayer.