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On 10th December, our beloved government issued a press release stating that they would ban the importation of hunting trophies.

This was a government press release, issued by unelected Zac Goldsmith and his new glove puppet, George Eustice, MP, so it is undeniably official government stuff.

There is absolutely no scientific or factual reason to create such a ban. Without digging through all the arguments again, it is sufficient to say that there are two sides to this story.

On the one side, you have professional scientists, ecologists, farmers, field managers, and a host of other people including the IUCN (global go-to about wildlife) and Africans in remote places who actually rely on hunters for survival – the people WHO ACTUALLY OWN AND LOOK AFTER WILDLIFE IN THE REAL WORLD advising the government to not institute a ban.   

On the other side, you have a motley collection of uber-rich Hooray Henries, ecoglitterati and some of the craftiest deceivers known to mankind, NONE OF WHOM ACTUALLY OWN OR MANAGE WILDLIFE outside donation sucking reserves, running an emotion driven and blatantly dishonest campaign that saves little wildlife but instead harvests vast sums of public teatery in donations and grants.

So why the announcement? And why now? 

It is widely believed that the announcement has been made to divert soft public attention away from the alarming fact that Boris, all mouth and no trousers in every sense of the words, is looking increasingly incompetent, and has suffered so many multiple policy failures he now has his back to the wall.  There is a smell of fear in the air and vultures quietly settling in the trees around him.   

In case any of you kindly CSM readers involved in actual rural industries and actual farming still think that this government has any integrity or honesty, and being a Conservative government, it will look after you, think again. The government is now being run by a small inner sanctum of unelected mad eco-mullahs and political asset strippers.

The press statement, “Importing of hunting trophies banned to protect world’s threatened species” is an inglorious collection of imprecise animal rights claptrap and downright lies without any connection to reality. It claims, inter alia, that:

It is “part of a wider UK drive on international conservation” – except that, where UK hunters go to hunt in Southern Africa, the hunting grounds are the biggest CONSERVERS in the region, far greater than the National Parks like the famous Kruger National Park. A ban will decrease hunting income, in turn reducing investment in this vast PRIVATELY OWNED, privately financed, local conservation effort covering forty million acres. Such destruction, and by a UK Conservative government?

It claims it is “supporting long-term species conservation and protecting some of the world’s most endangered and threatened animals – including the frequently killed ‘Big Five’ (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos”).  But this ban will do exactly the opposite. Thanks to hunting, there are more lions (12000) on SA farms than in the National Reserves. Leopards are being studied (but the maximum sustainable trophies allowed by SA’s scientific authority were 0 in 2017, 0 in 2018, 7 in 2019, and 11 in 2020, hardly wiping the 6,000 population out). 

Hunting has produced 20,000 rhinos from a handful 100 years ago.  There are 100,000 too many elephants in the Southern Range states where they are hunted but they have been largely wiped out elsewhere by poachers where hunting is prohibited. With much hard work and expertise, SA Farmers have produced a TB disease free national herd of 25,000 African buffaloes. For hunting and meat – you can’t do that to wild buffaloes (there are about 400,000, so hardly rare), who suffer every kind of bovine pestilence you can imagine.

Where wildlife has no value, it is wiped out because it competes with farm animals, or it is delicious. Most of Africa proves this – except in the Southern Hunting grounds, where the numbers of every species is GOING UP. Thanks to hunting and the meat industry. Trophy hunting makes animals very valuable. If they can sell animals, farmers will raise them. If they can’t, farmers will get rid of them and raise something else. It’s not rocket science. Ban = can’t sell = get rid of wild animals and grow cattle instead.  

The press release claims, “In the last 50 years, there has been a 60% decline in wildlife globally”. But not in the regulated SA hunting grounds, you greasy and deceptive Islington con artists. In the hunting grounds of SA alone, there has been an INCREASE of at least 1200% game animals in the same fifty years, thanks to farmers raising wild animals for hunting and meat. A ban on hunting will mitigate against this increase, bringing hardship and decreased investment in people, jobs and wildlife. That will mean FEWER animals. The stupid statement has no connection to hunting trophies whatsoever.

It also proudly claims, in complete ignorance, that “The Ban will also cover over 1,000 additional species which are considered near-threatened or worse, such as African buffalo, zebra and reindeer – going further than the Government’s initial manifesto commitment to prohibit the import of hunting trophies from endangered species”. Hello?  Hello? Anyone home? African buffaloes, Southern zebras and reindeer are all farmed these days, you office-bound ignoramuses. Bloody great herds of them. Privately owned. Raised for hunting, meat and derivatives, by hard-working people in far-off places. Those people are stock farmers – so now we are declaring war on hard working farmers overseas. A Conservative government waging war on farmers in order to get the bunny hugger vote? I have lived too long.

You think this is melodramatic? Hyperbole? It’s this very fact – waging war on animal management and sustainable use – that brings an ominous warning closer to home, and to UK farmers, field sports industries, wildlife management and gamekeepers, anglers, commercial fishermen, pest controllers, gun owners and and all who engage in primary industries. 

You will be next.

This government doesn’t care about you. They act like Conservatives, but they are not Conservatives. DoE has a new meaning and new management – they have sold their souls to the new DoE – the Devil of Expediency. They are going to sell you down the river, asset strip the political advantage out of the green smoke and mirrors and throw you all under a bus full of bunny huggers without so much as a backward glance.

It is not difficult to see why. A collection of shellers and shysters has done the hard work and the Boris brigade want to strip off the cream. It’s hardly surprising when you examine these eco-mullahs. They are asset strippers or the sons of asset strippers in real life.  Their histories include stripping the rich of money in London’s casinos, pillaging and dismembering the world’s business and industries or creating notional value out of balance sheet acrobatics. How easy it is for them to strip the votes out of gullible peoples’ kindness towards animals. How easy it is for them to ignore the casualties.

The Press release contained three quotations. The First, from Environment Secretary George Eustice:

“More animal species are now threatened with extinction than ever before in human history and we are appalled at the thought of hunters bringing back trophies and placing more pressure on some of our most iconic and endangered animals”.   

They are not adding pressure, you back-stabbing, turncoat farmer. They are adding to habitat, investing in wildlife and increasing wildlife numbers as a by-product of hunting.

“This would be one of the toughest bans in the world, and goes beyond our manifesto commitment, meaning we will be leading the way in protecting endangered animals and helping to strengthen and support long-term conservation”.   

You will not be leading any protection, George – you will be removing investment and protection. That will not help long term anything – it will destroy wildlife, jobs and some of the poorest people in Africa. You are a farmer, and you know better, so you must be doing it for votes, you cheap eco-slut.

And to think we trusted George Useless once upon a time. Well – why not look at his local neck of the woods, where there is Hell-up at the moment and trust is running a wee bit thin.  Apparently, a Spanish boat has been landing undersized fish at Newlyn, straight into a Spanish truck that beetled off home, reported here, here and here. Our UK fisheries inspectors (they’re yours, George) apparently didn’t take any notice. However, our UK fishermen can’t land undersized fish – it’s illegal. In fact, recently, two fisheries inspectors were busy pouncing on a little Cornish boat in St Ives in order to check their nets for mesh size. So much for fairness. This government, despite George’s silvery words, sold us down the river (or at least across the Channel) with the fishing. They can’t be trusted. They will tell you that they are “conserving fish stocks” (i.e. milking the green vote), but that’s not entirely true – they forgot to add the words “for foreign fishermen”.   

Now an even bigger problem. HUGE. A proper democracy problem. One that goes to the heart of Government. This is an official UK Government press release, remember, so the next statement is a surprise. It’s from none other than wily Eduardo Goncalves,  super-slime of the eco-chuggers. He said:

“Wildlife needs this ban. Endangered animals are cruelly and needlessly killed every day, and many of them are brought back to Britain as trophies”.

No they are not, you deceptive little con-artist. You can’t bring an endangered animal back to the UK. It won’t get an import permit. You can’t even hunt one in Southern Africa. You won’t get a hunting permit or an export permit there, either.  Look up CITES and the rules. The endangered animals further north in Africa are disappearing because they are not allowed to be hunted so they are worthless, but the animals hunted in the South are all plentiful, sustainable and increasing in number. And that’s why you can get an import permit for a trophy off one of them, but not the others. And you bloody well know it, so your deception is purposeful.

More importantly, what is this odious little nimblepick doing on an official government press release? He is not a charity. He’s a business. He does not save any animals. He only collects money, by giving his eco-glitterati believers absolution in exchange for social currency. He is part of the rotten unelected clique, hence his outrageous prominence on the Government Press Release.   

His campaign? I’ll give you campaign. His previous Company, The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting Ltd, (No. 12200178) is busy striking off, departing Companies House, leaving behind an exceptionally thin balance sheet showing little income or expenditure. What happened to all the donations, grants and proceeds from the many sales of your defamatory and largely fictitious eco-porn penny-dreadfuls, Eduardo?   

His new company, Ban Trophy Hunting (No. 13604179), is a nice fresh start, coinciding rather too coincidentally with this Government announcement. It’s a real cracker. It has only one director and one Person of Significant Control, one Eduardo Goncalves. It is a “company limited by guarantee”, which, according to its own Articles, offers a massive guarantee of £10 in case things go mammaries upwards.  Big risk stuff, eh?  Stick around – according to Article 2.1, the liability of members is limited to £1. Such bravery and responsibility. Perhaps the most amusing article of all is the Company’s Article 50 –  

“Except as provided by law or authorised by the directors or an ordinary resolution of the Company, no person is entitled to inspect any of the Company’s accounting or other records or documents  merely by virtue of being a member”.   

It would appear that wily Goncalves, crafty little member that he is, is a tad sensitive about saying where all the money goes. Hardly surprising, given his record. Well, I can tell you where it goes – the articles allow the Company (Goncalves) to pay its officer (Goncalves) for his work.  

And this is the fecal company that our Government keeps. This is its evidence for passing laws? Is this where representative democracy has taken us? Into rodent country?

The next statement in the Government Press Release is from Claire Bass, executive director of Humane Society International UK:

“We welcome the Government’s commitment today to a UK hunting trophy import ban that will protect thousands of species including lions, elephants and giraffe, ruthlessly targeted by trophy hunters. We also welcome that it has ruled out loopholes that would have allowed hunters to carry on shipping their sick souvenirs”.   

Yes, gentle readers, it’s another barefaced lie. It won’t protect a single lion, elephant or giraffe. Lions will still be raised to be hunted or sold as derivatives in SA, and if that trade was stopped, all 12,000 lions in captivity would be shot and the attention of poachers would once again fall on the suddenly valuable wild lion population, a loss of both captive and wild lions alike. There are too many elephants, so if not shot by paying hunters, they will be shot by paid contractors, turning a natural asset into a liability that will be cheaper to poison or leave to poachers than pay someone to shoot. There are 25,000 Southern giraffes and farmers can raise as many as hunters and the meat trade want. They are NOT endangered. That’s why you can import them.

And what is Humane Society doing on a UK Government Press Release? If you want to see the kind of company Boris and Co are keeping, the truth is here. Time to ask questions, folks. Serious questions. If it’s not being done for voting slips, then it might be for little brown envelopes or wallpaper.

The other statement in the Press Release was from Born Free’s Head of Policy Dr Mark Jones. He said:

“It cannot be right for British hunters to be able to pay to kill endangered wild animals overseas and ship the trophies home…..UK-based hunters frequently travel overseas to kill animals for fun, including species that are threatened with extinction.”   

Bollocks. You cannot ship any part of an endangered wild animal into the UK because it won’t get a permit. Hunting is hunting, for whatever reason, but fun is not one of them. And even if UK hunters went overseas to shoot endangered animals, they couldn’t ship them home anyway. The whole statement, by an ominous animal-rights disease spreader who is an ex-executive of Humane Society International (see here) is a tissue of lies. And this on a UK Government Press Release?   

 Oh, Lord, that it should come to this.  The Press Release goes on:

“Biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate. The population of Africana savanna elephants has decreased by more than half in the last 50 years (but not in the Southern hunting grounds, you liars)  whilst the number of African lions has declined to just 20,000 in the wild in the last 20 years (But that doesn’t include the 12,000 farmed lions that provide most of the UK imported trophies, you liars).  Banning trophy imports from these endangered and threatened animals – with no exemptions – will help reduce the threats many of these species are already facing. (No it won’t and you know it, you liars)  Alongside today’s announcement, the measures are part of the Government’s wider plan to reverse biodiversity loss (This ban will destroy investment and increase biodiversity loss, you liars) and reinforce our position as a global champion in conservation and animal welfare as set out in our Action Plan for Animal Welfare  (Ah, we are to be champions of wokery, not conservation.  Now we are calling this mad animal rights diktat “animal welfare”. It isn’t, you liars)  The measures will be included in future legislation aimed at raising welfare standards and protections for animals abroad. Further details of this will be forthcoming soon.

Well, if that is true, the thousands of people employed in the wildlife industries of southern Africa, thousands of farmers, hundreds of thousands of poor black people who rely on trophy hunting for income and meat, and the forty million acres of wild animals in South Africa better start praying for a change of UK government.

And if you are employed in any rural UK enterprise, you’d better start praying, too.

John Nash grew up in West Cornwall and was a £10 pom to Johannesburg in the early 1960’s. He started well in construction project management, mainly high rise buildings but it wasn’t really Africa, so he went bush, prospecting and trading around the murkier bits of the bottom half of the continent. Now retired back in Cornwall among all the other evil old pirates. His interests are still sustainable resources, wildlife management and the utilitarian needs of rural Africa.

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