Killing Rudolf, Killing Democracy


This week, being close to the warm and optimistic celebration of Christmas and the season of goodwill towards everyone, the Mail on Sunday (MOS) ran a piece of hate-speech about British hunters going to Iceland to kill reindeer for “fun”, and “sharing gruesome pictures online of slaughtered reindeer on a pre-Christmas trip”.

By some amazing coincidence,  the Daily Star discovered this very same fact on the same day, as did Nokia mobile phone news. Please note the prominent Christmas reference in case you didn’t manage the topical connection of reindeers.

Except the hunting wasn’t topical. The actual reindeer hunting season in Iceland is July 15th to September 15th, so the “pre-Christmas trip” link is an entirely spurious lie. Three prominent media services, all discovering the same evil goings-on, and all three making the same mistake about the timing? Too coincidental by half, mes amis. We smell a rat lurking behind the story. It’s a porkie-pie.

MOS went on, “Critics say reindeer hunting is a cruel blood sport, but its supporters claim it is essential to keep their numbers down”.  To any normal person (typified by CSM readers, of course) this appears to be two nice, rational, balanced, opposing views. But look a little closer – since there is absolutely no legal, rational or scientific reason for opposing this hunt, the “critics” in this story are simply emoting or opining and therefore appear somewhat deficient in the actuality department. The “supporters”, on the other hand, include CITES, the IUCN, the whole scientific world, and in particular, Iceland’s impressive Environment Agency, with all its scientists, vets, ecologists, field managers and other dedicated professionals. It’s as balanced 50:50 as a microbe and an elephant are balanced 50:50. It is porkie-pie number two.

The MOS continued, “Icelandic government permits an annual cull of 1,800 reindeer.” Not true, MOS et al.  Porkie-pie number three. The cull is not a pre-set, automatic number. A hunting quota for reindeer is set annually by experts in reindeer and local ecology, depending on the reindeer population and the condition of the environment and their natural food supply at the time. Icelandic reindeer have a silly habit of starving to death en masse in winter because they are totally free roaming and not herded by man to better pastures. 

This year, the Iceland Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources set a reindeer hunting quota (after receiving proposals from the Environment Agency) of up to 1220 animals, 701 cows and 519 bulls. It’s far from a rubber stamp exercise. Few departments are stricter than the Icelandic Environment Agency and the penalties for breaking the rules are hefty.

We read further. This awful MOS farticle also contains a whole salvo of derogatory descriptions – 

“cruel”, “Bloodthirsty British hunters”, “he… posted gruesome pictures online of slaughtered reindeer and boasted”, “showed the dead bodies of reindeer bulls with antlers slumped on the ground “, “stomach-churning”

And so on. It is hunting. Things die. It’s normal. So why this tirade of evil pigmy spittle by the MOS et al

Under normal circumstances, with such unwarranted language, all three versions should be recorded in plod’s notebook as a “non-criminal hate crime” (I say “should be” on the grounds that you can lie and say anything nasty you can imagine about anything vaguely connected with hunting or guns and plod won’t apparently consider it either hateful or a crime).

We smell a rat all right, and reading all three versions, the rat is revealed. In all three, the “articles” continue “Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said”…

Ah-ha! This lying hate speech apparently oozed out of the animal rights poison dwarf, none other than that nimblepick little conner and parasite, Eduardo Goncalves. Yes, dear reader, the very same wily Goncalves who recently turned up in an official UK Government Press Release alongside the UK’s most disappointing MP, George Useless, Environment Secretary. With no wildlife or hunting qualifications, and not appearing to put a single penny of his widely-harvested sucker dosh towards the welfare of any actual animals, here is Eduardo in the MOS, talking through his money-hoovering sphincter once again: 

 “Ian Farrington is quite literally making a killing by selling stomach-churning holidays where you can shoot reindeer for “sport”, a smug selfie, and a sick souvenir.  Reindeer are increasingly endangered. Scientists say hunting is one of the threats driving reindeer towards extinction.”

Now call me oversensitive, but isn’t this all a tad defamatory against a certain Mr Farrington, a man conducting his perfectly legal profession as a deer stalking and hunting safari outfitter? After all, libel is a statement “that is untrue and threatens to harm the reputation and/or livelihood of the targeted person”. We can argue about the truthfulness of “stomach-churning holiday” (it’s not to those who actually go on these hunts), “smug selfie” (they’re not – they are happy, successful hunters’ photos) and “sick souvenir” (a hunting trophy is no more sick than leather or steak), but when you add up the whole thing and then add the following totally untrue statements about Icelandic reindeer – “Reindeer are increasingly endangered” (Iceland’s aren’t – they are quite the opposite) and “scientists say hunting is driving reindeer toward extinction” (Iceland’s aren’t, they are the very opposite, requiring culling), it clearly brings Mr Farrington and his business into disrepute by suggesting, wilfully and wrongfully, that he is arranging hunts of endangered animals and contributing to their extinction. The story is a torrent of undeserved hatred and a crafty advert for the poison dwarf’s own smug eco-racket.  

One might reasonably suspect that such defamation in the face of easily obtained facts is intentional. This kind of media excrement is typical of Goncalves’ whole money grabbing, click-bait modus operandi –  he publishes books full of this trash, first demonizing and defaming his victims with deceptive fiction, then asks his willing donkeys (and our unbelievably gullible, band wagoning MP’s) to help him stop the non-existent cruelty and evilness. They willingly do so. That support, in turn, sells more of the poison dwarf’s eco-porn. And so his money-machine, fuelled by fools and faeces, goes round and round. As I have said before — Goebbels would be proud of Goncalves. It is textbook stuff. 

It’s bad enough that this odious rodent can get away with leaving his droppings all over the gutter press, but who allowed his crap to appear on a UK Government Press Release side by side with our Environment Secretary? Why was the poison dwarf invited to give evidence as an “expert” in the associated EFRA enquiry into hunting trophies? It is a mystery bordering on the highly suspicious. After all, Goncalves’ qualifications are in politics – reading his claptrap, it is obvious that the sum total of what he knows about wildlife and hunting could be written on the back of a postage stamp with a broom dipped in bitumen. How MP’s can fete him is a mystery, too. It all needs looking at urgently, and you can start with Mrs Boris and the clique of uber-rich, unelected green string pullers cosily ensconced in Boris’ wine party and wallpaper Bubble. They are all equally deceitful outsiders, yet they seem to be running this government’s wildlife, fishing and rural policies. Rural and coastal people of the UK please note.

Having falsely whipped up sufficient hatred against the hard-working and honest Mr Farrington, Goncalves, the MOS et al rest not upon their turd-spattered laurels – they then add further helpful advice should you wish to vent your falsely inflamed spleen against Mr Farrington personally by adding, “…aged, 59, Ian Farrington, a deer stalker from Devon….his firm Farrington Deer Services.” The Daily Star even adds, helpfully, “Axminster” in case you need a white stick to beat this man. This rabble-rousing little shit and his newspaper buddies are openly inflaming and risking mob hatred against a man going about his lawful business in the UK. 

This is TOTALLY unacceptable in the UK,  although it’s hardly surprising since wily Goncalves is the ex-CEO of the loony League Against Cruel Sports, itself part of the whole shit-box of animal rights lunatics, trouble-makers, terrorists, social misfits and general rectal traumas for whom the Boris Bubble mafia is apparently moist with lust.

These are the gormless, mentally impaired invertebrates that our present leaders entertain so royally in Parliament and present to the world as equals to science and generations of practical field experience.  Are you therefore surprised that the Country Squires of this great country, its law-abiding land owners, farmers, fishermen, gamekeepers and all involved in Field Sports (who actually work for a living) are now feeling a blight upon them and their way of life?  Are you surprised that thieves and saboteurs walk the nation’s farms with impunity?  Has it really come to this?  Government by eco-nutters, by deceit, emotion, social media likes, intimidation and click-bait troublemaking? It is surely time for a clean-up.

Intelligent readers of CSM, because your experience with reindeer might be limited, and, more importantly, unless this animal rights rot is nipped in the bud, this outrageous slur on reindeer hunting in Iceland will mutate and spread. It is equally applicable to (and very likely to affect) UK deer hunting and, say, zebra hunting in Southern Africa. May I tell you just a little more about reindeer so that you can form your own opinion of Goncalves and in turn judge his bosom buddy, our Environment Secretary, and help you to shine a light on your future prospects at the hands of the Boris Bubble?  After all, this fuss is being raised over 1200 culled Icelandic reindeer, a necessity little different to culling our own deer in the UK, (where we shoot 350,000 every year) or plains zebras in Southern Africa (there are 250,000 in Africa).  All of these animals provide meat, trophies and skins and they are all similarly managed. It suggests that, if you manage or hunt any wildlife perfectly legally anywhere in the world, you can expect to be similarly urinated upon by Goncalves and our animal rights besotted M-pees. 

Perhaps a fact or two about these magnificent animals will help you pass judgment upon the ship of fools in the Westminster asylum, whose hysterics were recorded in Hansard as they “debated” the Importation of Hunting Trophies with their tissue of lies. No wonder they were so deservedly criticised here by Rowan Martin, an important, experienced and widely published and cited professional of the kind that the Boris Bubble won’t ever call on and wily Goncalves will never equal without a brain transplant.

Strangely, many of our MP’s feast upon the eco-excrement of Goncalves like hungry coprophagists, then turn up the October debate – like Jim Shannon MP, who asked,My goodness, who on earth would want to shoot a zebra? Is there not something wrong there?” echoed by the greasy Luke Pollard MP.  The answer, of course, is “Who shoots a zebra, Jim? Someone who farms, manages and eats them, you pious idiot”. 

Reindeer (called caribou elsewhere) in Iceland, like deer in the UK and zebras in Southern Africa, are not endangered. In a number of places in the world they are farmed, or at least managed as wild herds, and in Iceland they (about 7000 of them) are a free-roaming, introduced, alien species anyway. Free or ranched, the principles are the same. 

Now for some sex. A reindeer bull can cover about 15 cows in the breeding season, so, for example, if you have 600 reindeer cows, you need only 40 or so bulls to cover them.  However, if you have 600 cows now, when they were born, there must have been 600 bulls, too, because they are born equally male and female (be quiet, LBGTQ+ infants – the adults are busy talking). 

To save you oiling your abacus with 3-in-1, if you have 600 cows and only 40 bulls at present, I can tell you with some confidence that more than 500 bulls have disappeared, allowing a few extras for replacements.

The 500 missing bulls have been culled. Killed. Surplus. Bereft of life. Gone to the Game Reserve Celestial. They were a harvest. Meat. They are not needed for breeding and they just fight the established bulls for access to the cows. Culling these surplus (and often lesser) bulls keeps the herd happy, quiet and content, allows you to save only the very best bulls as breeding stock, and, noted earlier, it conserves the natural environment and reindeer food supply, ensuring winter survival.

Reindeer owners (private, community or government) can kill the surplus themselves or pay contractors to do it (a cost) or sell the culling to hunting companies and hunters. When it comes to choosing between culling as a liability or an asset, there is no contest in the real world – selling the cull brings income, either to the herd owner or, in Iceland, to government conservation funding. With reindeer, it is a traditional way of life. Trophy or not, the meat and skins are all used, anyway.

Are these the imported trophies that our idiotic government will seek to ban? Legal by-products of reindeer management under the control of the Iceland Government? A legal trade that benefits reindeer? It is nothing less than an ignorant and arrogant imposition.   

Goncalves and his media accomplices are fond of trumpeting the sums of money involved, but studiously avoid pointing out that the hunting fee includes all the paperwork, clearances, checks, gun- hunting- and animal permits, food and accommodation, four and six-wheel transport, (airport arrival to airport departure), staff, trophy preparation and everything else. 

In Iceland’s case, the government decided that 1200 may be culled and so they issued 1200 tags.  There is a lottery for tags and only about 20% of those applying end up with a tag –  hunting and reindeer meat are in great demand. A local must be present with a foreign hunter whilst hunting. Hunters have to prove they are proficient with a suitable rifle. It’s a long list. It is all very tightly controlled.

So now you know. The cull is government-level, scientific, ecological, managerial and economic good sense. It’s for the good of the reindeer and good for conservation. It’s important for the fragile habitat. It is entirely legal and under the strictest possible regulation. Now see how shameless wily Goncalves, the MOS, The Daily Star and Nokia Mobile Phone News really are. Are there no press standards? Don’t ask IPSO (the press regulator) – that’s an organisation that can never be underestimated. Advertising standards? There aren’t any – they’re having tea and biscuits with the CAB. Nobody is watching the shop.     

Goncalves and his media donkeys not only openly lie about, insult and defame an innocent, hardworking man with fascist hate-speech, but in doing so, they also abuse the nation, people and traditions of Iceland, and insult all of us, too. These liars are the bosom buddies of the Boris Bubble and those dippy MP’s who tell lies in debates, obstruct the truth and lie to the UK public.  

There is a purulent infection of animal rights running through the middle of this whole business (that idiotic law on animal sentience was just a whiff), with the bony fingers of the darkly ominous HSUS using their millions of $$$$ to turn their mentally sick agenda into UK law. You think I exaggerate?  Look again – Wily Goncalves appeared as one of three “experts” at the EFRA enquiry – the other two were Dr Fishvet Jones, now gob-in-chief at Born Free but also ex-CEO of HSUS in the UK, and Dr Audrey Delsink, HSUS chief vuvuzela in South Africa. The Government press release, mentioned above, contained a statement from Claire Bass, executive director of HSUS in the UK. Do you detect a pattern here?

This has nothing to do with animal welfare. It has nothing to do with regulated hunting. It has nothing to do with democracy. It has nothing to do with truth.

It’s time to put a stop to it.

John Nash grew up in West Cornwall and was a £10 pom to Johannesburg in the early 1960’s. He started well in construction project management, mainly high rise buildings but it wasn’t really Africa, so he went bush, prospecting and trading around the murkier bits of the bottom half of the continent. Now retired back in Cornwall among all the other evil old pirates. His interests are still sustainable resources, wildlife management and the utilitarian needs of rural Africa.