The Year Ahead


Dear Readers, Happy New Year to you all.

So, what can you expect from Team Country Squire this year?

Well, we have just soft-launched Country Squire India which some of the UK team are already involved in. With the assistance of our editorial adviser, Dr Kaustav Bhattacharyya in Bangalore, we have put together an impressive list of contributors and shall be holding some publicity events in India in March to launch more officially. As Editor I look forward to returning to India – I have not visited since my year off before university which was and seems many moons ago. Post Brexit the UK-India relationship has never been so important and CSM India is an important step for us, as we seek to capture elements of a burgeoning relationship 2.0.

Back in the UK we shall continue to expose the hypocrisy and shenanigans of those our writer John Nash refers to as ARSES. The Animal Rights crew so merit exposing. How on earth they have been allowed to hide behind cuddly creatures and spout their nonsense for so long is beyond extraordinary – many of them are far from kind, care little about the creatures we share the planet with, and grift like few others in the charity sector.

Having run successful campaigns in the past on dog theft and rural homelessness, as well as doing our small part to smash the failed Remoan and Corbyn efforts at usurping the country, we look this year to shining a light on the BBC. In particular at how the organisation sells and has sold shows and productions which have been created using public licence fee monies – foreign profits salted away via the offshore structures of production companies and BBC stooges. Someone has to clear those Augean stables – Tim Davie has sadly gone native – and we seek to chip away at this space this year. It is not fair that the British public – who pay left, right and centre for all kinds of services – continue to have the BBC licence fee foist upon them.

There are some minor matters – a defamation trial that may or may not happen, a weight loss competition between the squires and a new CSM events series which young Bembridge is focusing on. There is even talk about a physical copy of the magazine being available – then again we have been talking about that for years and plans were somewhat thwarted by Covid.

2022 shall be a cracking year. Enjoy.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at if you have a scoop or want a particular story or theme highlighted.

Dom Wightman

Editor CSM UK & India