A Prayer for the Gamekeepers


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that my Sunday message finds You well and healthy.

This week I would like to pray for the Gamekeepers, many of whom are having a tough time of things of late. Uncertainty has been cast on their future in parts of Scotland, some have been forced to move off the land they have lived on and worked for generations, while depression rates are high among them, as, tragically, are suicides.

Let us think of the gamekeepers and their families this Sunday. Let the Countryside reach out to them and let them know they are admired, valued and appreciated by so many. At a time when debates about the land and its present and future use form a significant part of contemporary political discourse, and when an urbanising society is investing ever more meaning in its idea of the rural, consideration of the gamekeeper takes us beyond and towards broader histories of the English countryside and its attendant ruralist culture. Gamekeepers have always had their place and their knowledge of the countryside is second to none.

I wish You all a peaceful Sunday and another brilliant week to come. God Bless You all.

Dear Lord, Let us pray for the gamekeepers and their families across the United Kingdom. May You make them honourable hunters who respect fellow hunters, the animals, and all creation; May You keep safe all who share the field or the forest; May You make all gamekeepers proud of their skills, generous with their meat, and thankful in all circumstances.