Going Hi-Tech for Better Driving

BY ANNE CHIE New technology follows us wherever we go—quite literally—especially on the road. Even the least adventurous among us bring at least a few electronic devices with us, and it’s easy to see why all this tech has changed the way we live, much less travel. But road trips are road trips, and all that we’ve come to love about them will probably never … Continue reading Going Hi-Tech for Better Driving

99 Twitter Accounts That Follow Back

BY NICK NURNBERG See below a list of 99 Verified Twitter accounts you should follow who will follow back. NB These accounts are actual humans whose behaviour can change from time to time.   The LIST – https://twitter.com/ginblossoms https://twitter.com/chyna_cymone https://twitter.com/sherylunderwood https://twitter.com/CSquireMagazine https://twitter.com/bumblefoot https://twitter.com/movistar_es https://twitter.com/latinprince https://twitter.com/gnm888 https://twitter.com/gilbertoperez https://twitter.com/capriottis https://twitter.com/ahmalcolm https://twitter.com/beachpillows https://twitter.com/bluehousekorea https://twitter.com/coxbusiness https://twitter.com/edstetzer https://twitter.com/endcape https://twitter.com/ericschiffer https://twitter.com/flack4ric https://twitter.com/footwerkband https://twitter.com/jaloes https://twitter.com/katieraml https://twitter.com/ken_brewer https://twitter.com/korya_mckj https://twitter.com/domwightmangb https://twitter.com/lou https://twitter.com/mokobe113 https://twitter.com/paulpoteet https://twitter.com/radioaricka https://twitter.com/ronedmondson https://twitter.com/slsoContinue reading 99 Twitter Accounts That Follow Back

How I Beat the Car Park Cowboys

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN I realised my mistake straight away. Rather than add to the Saturday morning congestion of a busy, mixed-use street, I had opted to drive onto the wide, empty car park at the side of an NHS surgery. The moment I crossed the threshold, I saw the camera. The terms and conditions were printed on a small wall-mounted sign: vehicle owners must register … Continue reading How I Beat the Car Park Cowboys

Autonomous for UK Autonomy

BY MICK CROSSLEY For townsfolk like those in Boston in Lincolnshire, the EU Referendum gave them an opportunity to protest about the mass immigration which had so altered their lives. In counties like Lincolnshire, large numbers of farm worker immigrants had begun to change the face of local rural communities as well. Many so-called Native Britons there were getting fed up with the new influx of … Continue reading Autonomous for UK Autonomy

Let’s Get Physical

BY PAUL READ Actually, let’s not. It’s only fair to warn you this piece is about servers, big computers, so you have the opportunity to disappear and wash your hair or something. Few companies these days run their business without the use of computers and, once larger than a relatively modest size, the organisation needs to centralise its data to allow sharing and avoid duplication. … Continue reading Let’s Get Physical

The Clean Diesel Myth

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN Well who’d a thunk it? Diesel was supposed to be the Great Green Hope. At least it seemed that way at the turn of the century, when our then Magnificent Leader (currently making a few quid here and there having helped to make the Middle East a nicer kinda place) joined with his conniving cabal of continental cronies to tax everyone out of … Continue reading The Clean Diesel Myth

Countryside Landscape Vandals

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN Twenty years ago a restless youth spent an idyllic spring and summer working throughout Western Brittany. Last week, after far too long a delay, I finally managed to return for an all too brief seven days to what, for me, is the loveliest region in France. It’s clear some things haven’t changed during the last two decades. The warmth of the Breton … Continue reading Countryside Landscape Vandals