Brave Brexiteer Required

BY ROBERT FOX Theresa May’s latest attempt to pass her deal through parliament, and her talks of a second referendum, demonstrate that the early mantra of her negotiations, ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, has been long forgotten. Had she ever really believed this mantra, May would have maintained preparations for exiting the EU without a deal. Publicly announcing plans for a low … Continue reading Brave Brexiteer Required

The #FBPE Guide to Losing Disgracefully

Let’s find a bolshie spokesperson who can lie us back into this Alastair Campbell Let’s make out that Brexit is going to be a crippling disaster Project Fear II Let’s find fault with the Referendum itself It was only advisory Let’s call an exit without a withdrawal agreement (even though there’ll be loads of existing agreements) sound really bad Crashing Out – No Deal Let’s fight … Continue reading The #FBPE Guide to Losing Disgracefully

What If?

CSM EDITORIAL Downing Street’s retort at the start of the week to Boris Johnson’s article – which rightly pointed out that Theresa May’s Chequers plan means disaster for Britain – was clear: that Boris had no plan and that “there’s no new ideas in this (his) article to respond to”. Amber Rudd then came windmilling into the row with “once again, it’s a case of … Continue reading What If?

Vote Tory or UKIP in May

BY REBECCA HARRIS The next Local Government Elections will be held on Thursday 3 May 2018 and will include: London Boroughs Metropolitan Districts Shire Districts Single Tier Shire Districts For more detail on future elections, the Department for Communities and Local Government publish a list of election cycles by type of local authority in England . It is hard to believe that anyone with a … Continue reading Vote Tory or UKIP in May