Take It


Boris’ deal is not perfect. It’s way better than Theresa May’s deal and it will get us out of the EU by the end of the month – less than two weeks’ away. More than that, it will end the domestic Brexit battle, which has been a grinding affair of Brit on Brit for more than three years.

There may be some disappointed arch remoaners this Christmas but they’ll get over it, as will those who dream of a perfect Brexit. No one but the headbangers on both sides want to prolong this festering uncertainty now affecting our lives, our businesses and our economy. An extension will do so for months, perhaps many years.

The alternatives are not worth thinking about.

An extension will finish the Conservative Party and likely usher in a Corbyn Government by default at a General Election before Christmas, however much Brexit Party dreamers imagine Prime Minister Farage bashing Britain into shape (that isn’t going to happen – most Tories would never vote for him).

An extension could lead to another referendum which will cause anger and violence not seen for many years on these islands. Revoking Article 50 will likewise be a recipe for mass civil disobedience and it has been depressing how blind to this eventuality the Continuity Remain lobby have been thus far.

Let us not underestimate the dangers of a Corbyn Government. Letting in what now disguises itself as the Labour Party is like letting burglars run your house’s security system. Worse than that, if you happen to be Jewish, you may as well hand over the keys. The Labour Party may look incompetent and John McDonnell’s jumpers may give off the impression more of the ex-trainee priest than the venomous Maoist, but the reality is that a Corbyn Government, likely propped up by Ayrshire’s Klebb, is the last thing Britain needs – their controlling of the levers of power in Downing Street would be like a bullet in Britain’s head.


If Boris Johnson delivers his deal, and thus delivers a Brexit of sorts in thirteen days, then we are still alive. If Boris Johnson then wins the inevitable General Election, perhaps assisted by the Brexit Party taking down a few Labour MPs in northern seats, then we stand a chance of prospering and seeing through a Brexit that most dreamed of – where flight capital and talent piles into our country and our buccaneering, entrepreneurial spirit helps build a powerful economy and a richer nation with greater opportunity and balance.

Perhaps more importantly, a Johnson victory at a General Election would allow for two vital consequences:

First, Brexiteers being able to shape the victory. Brexiteers agreeing a UK-EU trade deal and shaping the deals with other nations, especially the US.

Second, time to further expose the devastation that the Hard Left’s takeover has caused the Labour Party. A chance to expose Britain’s enemies, who have surfaced in Labour and Momentum t-shirts these last few years, who Corbyn has placed into key positions across the nation, sucking on the public teat. A five year term with a decent majority would allow a new Conservative government to redraw boundaries, expose councils, reveal the usurping of charities by Corbyn’s “Labour” cadres and show the infiltration of the Islamist movement into the Labour Party in places like Luton and in areas of Birmingham, where Al Qaeda supporters now reside in Momentum groups and in council positions, drawing on Labour and public funds. Time is needed to clean up this awful mess and put the Hard Left back in its box Kinnock-style for many years to come.

Boris’ deal is not perfect but on this whitewater ride, one is best off keeping hold of one’s paddle or one’s canoe will shatter against the rocks anyway. A lesson the DUP should heed – a Corbyn Government will herald a united Ireland and the choice will no longer be an imperfect deal or rejection; it will be war or evacuation.

What is going to happen?

For the first time, the twenty-seven EU states can now safely refuse an extension. Were that to happen, then even this dreadful bunch of MPs will descend into a mass panic in the Commons and, in a heartbeat, they will pass the deal. For that reason the deal will pass on Saturday and we will leave the EU in thirteen days, on the night of Halloween.