Rural Crime & the Police

BY RUPERT MATTHEWS This year has been tough for small businesses. None more so than those in rural areas which struggle on with all the problems that already go with keeping a business going in areas without the sorts of benefits that businesses in towns take for granted – fast broadband, high footfall and neighbouring businesses less than a mile away. This year Small Business … Continue reading Rural Crime & the Police

UK Online

Exploring the UK’s Position in the Global Online Marketplace… Globalisation was recognisable long before the age of the internet, but the rapid rate at which the UK and nations around the world have moved online has accelerated that trend, connecting brands, businesses and customers like never before. But what does it mean to be a British brand in the global online marketplace, and what does … Continue reading UK Online

Countryside Business & Article 50

BY LAWRENCE GRAHAMS Lawrence is a Countryside Business Owner & Government Adviser on Brexit “We want Article 50 now!” shout many of those Britons who voted for Brexit. Brexit means Brexit and we need to invoke Article 50 now, right? Wrong. Clearly we now have Gina Miller’s legal challenge to the Government’s authority before invoking Article 50. Remember, this is not a direct challenge to Brexit, … Continue reading Countryside Business & Article 50