A Question of Impartiality

BY NIGEL BEAN A few years back a friend of mine was with two other men, just about to enter a copse to carry out pest control for a local farmer. They were after pigeons and decked out in camouflage. Their weapon of choice was the .177 air rifle. Just as they were about to enter the wood their rifles were unsheathed. Then, up on … Continue reading A Question of Impartiality


BY ANDREW MOODY The left, or rather the anti-democrats, are losing, and come Halloween and Britain’s exit from the EU, they will have lost. Meanwhile, thanks be to God for Titania McGrath (AKA satirist Andrew Doyle) and her magnificent polemic WOKE, which turns the tables on the MSM culture of outrage with all its immaturity and illogicality. Titania, an upper middle class social justice warrior … Continue reading Woke

Working Class Toynbee of Toynbee Hall

BY ANDREW MOODY Now that Jeremy Corbyn has publicly supported a second Brexit referendum, I’d like to flash back to 1972. Coppola’s The Godfather was the smash hit of the summer, Nixon was two years away from impeachment, Edward Heath was Conservative Prime Minister and unemployment (which kicked off the punk movement) exceeded 1,000,000 for the first time since the 1930s. At this time, the … Continue reading Working Class Toynbee of Toynbee Hall

Fraser’s Edge

BY BEN PENSANT 2016 was officially the worst year EVER. That’s a fact – there’s been surveys and everything. Sure, there was a rise in life expectancy and a fall in world hunger; the discovery of gravitational waves and Juno’s exploration of Jupiter; ground-breaking advancements in eradicating HIV, cancer, malaria and measles. But it means nothing when you remember we left the EU, a bad man won an election and a load of famous … Continue reading Fraser’s Edge

Giles Fraser’s Low Expectations

BY SAM WHITE A recent Giles Fraser article in the Guardian, Assimilation Threatens the Existence of Other Cultures, asserts that wherever you might choose to live, you should feel no obligation to assimilate into the wider culture. He states: I admire the resilience of a community that seeks to maintain its distinctiveness and recognises, quite rightly, that assimilation into the broader culture would mean the … Continue reading Giles Fraser’s Low Expectations

Hoax or Hoaxed Hoax?

BY SAM WHITE I greatly enjoyed myself yesterday putting the boot into Anonymous, from Brexit Britain, who’d pushed out a mind bending piece of writing at the Guardian claiming to have been sent into a right-wing, ideological death spiral by Sam Harris, Milo Yiannopoulos, and a YouTube algorithm. But getting on Twitter today, it looks like I need to get my spider senses retuned, as one of … Continue reading Hoax or Hoaxed Hoax?