The left, or rather the anti-democrats, are losing, and come Halloween and Britain’s exit from the EU, they will have lost.

Meanwhile, thanks be to God for Titania McGrath (AKA satirist Andrew Doyle) and her magnificent polemic WOKE, which turns the tables on the MSM culture of outrage with all its immaturity and illogicality.

Titania, an upper middle class social justice warrior with an MA in Gender Studies from Oxford is an inspired comic creation.

Activists such as myself are spearheading a new culture war, sniffing out prejudice like valiant bloodhounds of righteousness, courageously snapping at the heels of injustice. To give a tangible example of our achievements, consider how the definition of the word ‘Nazi’ has been successfully broadened to include anyone who voted for Brexit, has ever considered supporting the Conservative Party or who refuses to take the Guardian seriously. Although this is a great victory for the progressive cause, it does mean that there are now more Nazis living in modern Britain than even existed in 1930s Germany. This makes Woke: A Guide to Social Justice not only timely, but essential.

Mimicking the unironic self righteousness of the Owen Jones and Munroe Bergdorfs of the world who are incapable of political debate or even considering the possibility they could be wrong about anything at all, Doyle ploughs through their non arguments by confronting left wing (anti-democratic)  arguments by merely repeating them with a little twist of wryness, making their inanity and insanity obvious to all but the most stubbornly block-headed.

One of the common Twitter accusations from the anti-democrats is that Conservatives only have one joke, a charge aimed by The Guardian to the new theatre version of WOKE which it gave a one star review and snidely noted that there was more than one walk out from the show. It must be obvious that anybody who couldn’t stand the play were anti-democrats desperately threatened by the fact that the rest of the audience were not only laughing at Titania, but also at them.

Might I suggest that the reason the Left accuses conservatives of having only one joke is their monopoly on the media and their venal refusal to publish any book that makes fun of their agenda.  We have plenty of jokes at your expense, anti democrats, we also have the presidency and the UK government. As soon as Brexit is pushed forward on Halloween, it will signify the end of the Left wing hegemony over so many things, including the BBC.

Not only is WOKE a work of comic genius, it’s also a weapon of war. If you are sick and tired of the anti-democrat hypocrisy and corruption of power, the best thing you can do is to remember, like the Stalinists and Jeremy Corbyn’s hard left, terrorist-supporting Labour party, they have no sense of humour.

Do the right thing: laugh at them.

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