Living in Dread

BY PETER HARRIS British Jews have reached an existential crisis, so what is to be done? Edwin Landau, a Jewish Prussian veteran of the Great War, when contemplating the national boycott of Jewish businesses on 1 April 1933, could not grasp how anti-Semitism could manifest in the twentieth century. For Landau, such behaviour was medieval. Nor could Landau comprehend how quickly the course of events … Continue reading Living in Dread

More Weeblemen Required

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The Hamas-Israel war has created a febrile atmosphere in Britain, at least on social media. The usual suspects on both sides are there for all to see. On the one side, the extremist Islamists – al–Muhajiroun types marching with Caabu and Hizb ut Tahrir numbnuts supported by weird, anti-Semitic allies like Nick Griffin and those Queer for Palestine wannabe building divers. On … Continue reading More Weeblemen Required

Common Cause

BY JOHN MUSGRAVE This weekend, black clad supporters of Islamist violence will clog the streets of a thousand cities. Shouting “Hamas, Hamas, Jews, to the gas” and “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea” their aims are quite clear: Destroy the Land of Israel and kill the Jews. These emissaries of the dark side march on unopposed, trampling faith and reason beneath … Continue reading Common Cause

Genocide or Just War?

BY JONATHAN LEVITT The word ‘genocide’ is loaded with emotional and political impact and needs to be used very carefully. The dictionary gives: ‘The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.’ Which, of course, does not define ‘large’ and does not determine what is ‘deliberate’ and what is not. I would say … Continue reading Genocide or Just War?


BY CSM STAFF WRITER 1) Guess who invited two IRA members to parliament two weeks after the Brighton bombing? 2) Attended Bloody Sunday commemoration with bomber Brendan McKenna. 3) Attended meeting with Provisional IRA member Raymond McCartney. 4) Hosted IRA linked Mitchell McLaughlin in parliament. 5) Spoke alongside IRA terrorist Martina Anderson. 6) Attended Sinn Fein dinner with IRA bomber Gerry Kelly. 7) Chaired Irish … Continue reading #itwasascam

Hamas & the Hunt Sabs

CSM EDITORIAL There was a time, in the bad old days of ALF, when animal rights terrorists were considered the second greatest terror threat to the UK behind the IRA. While various Islamist groups have overtaken them now, animal rights terrorism still abounds, carried out by a small but active crew of extremist cadres who still resort to violence to pursue their political aims. The … Continue reading Hamas & the Hunt Sabs


BY GARY MCGHEE At 2 am on the 8th September 1959 a baby boy was born in Stoke Newington Jewish maternity hospital. The mother was a working-class gentile from London of Irish extraction. Having a child out of wedlock at a time when illegitimacy was much frowned upon and abortion was outlawed in her milieu, a Catch 22 if ever there was one, meant that … Continue reading Shalom

Inverting the Battlelines

BY STEWART SLATER Most battles in the Ancient World follow the same pattern. One side starts with the high ground and, about half way through, finds itself on the low ground. The reason for this is surprisingly simple – most people are right-handed. They hold their sword in their right hands, and their shield in the left. By taking a step to the right, therefore, … Continue reading Inverting the Battlelines

The Left Has Disgraced Itself Over Israel

BY EFFIE DEANS There is probably nowhere in the world which has had such a long and on the whole successful experiment with socialism as Israel. In no other western country that I can think of are there anything like the kibbutzim in Israel. Here are small experiments in socialism which to various degrees put into practice the ideals of shared ownership, collective living and … Continue reading The Left Has Disgraced Itself Over Israel

Hamas UK Election Meddling

BY SUB EDITOR If You read just one article before Thursday, Dear Readers, then it should be the one below by respected researcher David Collier showing how Jeremy Corbyn’s Hamas friends are meddling in our General Election. That would be Hamas – the proscribed terrorist entity. Why would they? What would they stand to gain from meddling? Ask Yourselves why would they want Corbyn to … Continue reading Hamas UK Election Meddling