Enough is Enough

BY JOHN MUSGRAVE ‘Enough is enough,’ is a phrase now increasingly heard on the lips of all good men and true. The follow-up phrase: ‘They really ought to do something,’ is overused and self-defeating. The problem here is the word ‘THEY,’ a much-abused pronoun of dubious provenance. When we expect ‘them’ to do something we abrogate responsibility. In the real world ‘they’ don’t exist. Suits … Continue reading Enough is Enough

Common Cause

BY JOHN MUSGRAVE This weekend, black clad supporters of Islamist violence will clog the streets of a thousand cities. Shouting “Hamas, Hamas, Jews, to the gas” and “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea” their aims are quite clear: Destroy the Land of Israel and kill the Jews. These emissaries of the dark side march on unopposed, trampling faith and reason beneath … Continue reading Common Cause

On My Radio

BY JOHN MUSGRAVE Today marks the annual anniversary of the death of pirate radio back in 1967. Every year a dwindling band of ageing rockers and ravers mark the passing of the Marine Etc Broadcasting Offences Act; Harold Wilson’s infamous law that sank rock and roll radio. For three glorious years we’d listened to pop music from the high seas.  Radio Caroline began broadcasting at … Continue reading On My Radio