Trump V CNN

BY JON ALEXANDER For years, regardless of your political affiliations (if any), the general public has grown tired of Politicians.  “You can’t trust any of them”, “they’re all as bad as each other” amongst many comments spouted over the years.  Whether we accuse them of lying through their teeth, being too smarmy or refusing to answer a question in that politician kind of way that … Continue reading Trump V CNN

The Diminishing Importance of MSM

BY JON ALEXANDER Well, it’s finally happened. The MSM (Mainstream Media) have just had a major reality check and realised that their importance has been diminished. They all took a side in 2016 politics and one side in particular has been hit so hard it’s unlikely it will recover.  Donald Trump’s press conference last week was a masterclass in trolling and it left the left-wing press … Continue reading The Diminishing Importance of MSM

MSM Running Scared

BY JON ALEXANDER A new trend has emerged in the wake of Donald Trump’s “surprising and impossible” victory in the US 2016 Presidential Elections. You’d have to be an ostrich not to have been confronted by the term “Fake News” of late. From what I can gather, the term appears to have been brought into existence by individuals and news networks upset that their credibility has … Continue reading MSM Running Scared