Trump V CNN


For years, regardless of your political affiliations (if any), the general public has grown tired of Politicians.  “You can’t trust any of them”, “they’re all as bad as each other” amongst many comments spouted over the years.  Whether we accuse them of lying through their teeth, being too smarmy or refusing to answer a question in that politician kind of way that was mocked mercilessly on TV shows such as ‘Have I Got News For You” for years.  Whenever a Blair, Corbyn or Farage enters the fray we then have the usual rhetoric of how they’re going to change politics, how they’ll stop scandals and be more open and honest.  Then about three months later they end up being like all the rest.  Obama was a classic, revered as the start of a new style of politics when he took office but he pretty much turned out the same kind of failure as the others – notable moments including him being caught out bugging allies and having his true thoughts and feelings on various people being leaked out – ah the good old days!

All the time Obama’s administration was propped up by the Main Stream Media and any negatives quickly swept under the carpet as efforts to paint him as close to perfect as humanly possible continued unquestioned.

In a weird way we’d got used to this, the media had free reign and we took in whatever was fed to us.

Step forward Donald Trump, a man with no filter, a man who will tweet exactly what he’s thinking regardless of protocol or false pleasantries. Naturally he’s upset many with his antics but you can’t deny he’s changed politics, whether you like him or loathe him.  I find it quite amusing to see hordes of people who demanded a change to how politicians operate suddenly freaking out and screaming that he’s going too far.  You wanted the revolution, well you’ve got it.

At the moment, the media focus is on his war with CNN.  Many arguing that he shouldn’t be diminishing his office by seeking a scrap.  Why not?  CNN (more fondly known as the ‘Clinton News Network’ during last year’s elections) pretty much started it and are now crying foul because they’re losing and badly.  CNN were determined from the moment Donald was selected as the Republican’s Presidential Candidate that they were going to ensure Hillary was coronated unopposed and tried everything they possibly could to ensure that happened.  Anything Donald Trump had ever said or done was news whilst ensuring that Hillary’s chequered past was avoided at all costs.

Fast forward to June 2017 and senior producer John Bonifield was caught on camera confirming that the Trump-Russia “scandal” was a “nothing burger” – American for non-story.

Did CNN decide to carry out an internal investigation? Did they stop the stories until this video could be verified? Did they act responsibly and accept that the nothing burger needed looking into?  No, of course not.  They went on the offensive, declaring that the President was bullying them, that they were the true victims here.

Any ounce of self-respect blown out of the water by their own ego and self-righteousness.

To see people actually defending CNN is worrying, they’re happy for the MSM to keep pushing its agenda because they don’t like Trump – this is dangerous territory to be in.  What if next time they target someone you know? Will you just shrug it off?  CNN has a massive problem now, it’s been caught red handed stating that it will keep pushing with the story regardless of lack of evidence.

That’s the left’s current problem – if something doesn’t work they keep pushing in the hopes they will generate a different result the next time. By the time they do actually have a story worth running it won’t matter, their credibility will be shot to pieces and they will only appeal to a small band of loyal followers.

Cut your losses, MSM, admit your mistakes and move on, otherwise you’ll descend further into irrelevance and it’ll be impossible to tell the difference between you and a panel show.