The Diminishing Importance of MSM


Well, it’s finally happened. The MSM (Mainstream Media) have just had a major reality check and realised that their importance has been diminished. They all took a side in 2016 politics and one side in particular has been hit so hard it’s unlikely it will recover.  Donald Trump’s press conference last week was a masterclass in trolling and it left the left-wing press wondering what the hell had just happened whilst the rest of us looked on in complete astonishment.

BuzzFeed, which seems to employ more journos than the Chinese army employs infantrymen, was left in disarray and desperately trying to save face after they published a story based on apparently no solid evidence whatsoever. CNN (known now by half the US as the Clinton News Network) were valiantly attempting to distance themselves from the BuzzFeed story. Even the BBC was dismissed sarcastically as “another beauty” by Trump – yes, the same BBC we UK taxpayers fund with our hard-earned cash.

Make no mistake, this won’t blow over. All three news services will try even harder to attack and discredit the new President whilst he directly connects with his voters and the world via Twitter.

The left-wing news services are now in effect the “Fake News” they complained so vociferously about – something those on the right had long argued (and got bashed down for by liberals) but now their bias is clear for all to see. The left-wing media’s desperation to bring down Trump has left them wide open to criticism from the public – even those who ferociously defend them will struggle now.

Times they are a changing.

Mainstream media has controlled the narrative for too long. The evolution of social media now means that the MSM is oftentimes irrelevant – drowned out and outsmarted by social media – and this trend that will become increasingly the norm over the next four years.

In years gone by we have had to rely on leaks to tell us what the U.S. President truly thought of someone, now we can view his Twitter page.

For all the cries of “it’s not professional”, “he’s ignoring diplomatic protocol” and “you can’t say that”, the new balance of media power is also a relief to many.  I for one didn’t trust Obama, he always seemed too polished, too desperate to be adored – America’s Tony Blair if you will. In the past Obama’s sliminess might have been overlooked and he would have been seen as a normal politician but times have changed – we know we’re being lied to on an almost daily basis now; someone with no filter is harder to blackmail and less likely to fight to have secrets kept.

Although Trump isn’t the ideal candidate for the Presidency for many he will most likely undo a lot of the bad habits we have begrudgingly become accustomed to from our political elites. Dare I say the recent actions from many of his detractors may have secured him a second term even though he is yet to begin his first.

If I were you, I’d strap in for the ride. A new era of politics is about to start… and no doubt it will be a roller-coaster.

5 thoughts on “The Diminishing Importance of MSM

  1. If only MSM had stuck to telling us what had happened instead of what they wanted to have happened…

  2. You are quite right of course. Where do most commentators get their news and how many buy newspapers or go past paywalls?
    We live in the 6 minute world and even that might be too long.
    Communication being more open and frank and facts being ever easier to research (without having to rely on MSM op-ed) has opened up direct democracy.
    The next few years will indeed be fun – and possibly instructive.

  3. Excellent article, in a nutshell BBC you days of lying and spinning are coming to an end. Why should we pay for biased news?

  4. The MSM sealed its fate when it decided to throw journalism overboard in favor of becoming state stenographers. They have no one to blame but themselves. Their downfall is richly deserved.

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