Carnegie and the Seagull

BY MAC LOGAN   There central in th’ appointed place He stands composed and stern, with grace Eyes focused, clear, direct, and strong He gazes o’er the teeming throng   A benefactor great and kind Admired worldwide for wealth and mind Strong his brow and great his poise Exemplar for a’ men and boys   His metal fist can’t swat the gull That stands oblivious … Continue reading Carnegie and the Seagull

Ladies, Stop Being Sorry!

BY MAHIMA SHARMA Ladies, Stop Being Sorry.. For these Simple Things! Ladies, Stop Being Sorry… For breaking away few Strings!   I am here penning a note to myself, Which may come handy to even yourself, One bright day I asked myself… “Are you sorry for who you are?” Post introspection I told myself… “You are just being Sorry for simply being who you are!” … Continue reading Ladies, Stop Being Sorry!

Freedom! Woman You Hold Your Own Key

BY MAHIMA SHARMA At the stroke of the midnight hour, O Woman, awake, arise and raise the bar, Unchain yourself, set yourself free, O Woman! Don’t Try to be what you aren’t supposed to be.   No one but you, holds yourself in captivity, No one but only you, can open up to Life’s beauty. Responsibilities beckon you…I agree, But make yourself too…a priority.   … Continue reading Freedom! Woman You Hold Your Own Key

Shining Light

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY They came in the night to our cities, our towns, they crossed through the countryside like warriors with shovels and crossbows. Chopping, shooting, digging at the roots of our foundation unable to accept reason or a peaceful resolution of conclusion, even though it was the majorities decision. (Forgive them don’t understand the light the truth, it burns) They bite the hand that … Continue reading Shining Light