Reptilian Queen

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Right now the world is teeming with conspiracy theories. From 5G masts to Bill Gates taking the blame for Coronavirus, from 9/11 truthers to those of the ten plagues who swear by the fiction that is the Book of Revelation. We are stuck at home, on the Web more than usual, and thus it is increasingly difficult to escape the four percent, … Continue reading Reptilian Queen

Congratulations, Your Majesty

CSM EDITORIAL Today the Queen reaches her Sapphire Jubilee. That’s 65 years on the throne. The anniversary of Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne in 1952 is a poignant time for the Queen, marking the day her father George VI died. As is usual on Accession Day, the Queen will be spending it privately at her Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. However there will be ceremonies across the … Continue reading Congratulations, Your Majesty

Countryside: Which Range Rover?

BY JAMES CAMPBELL As one of the grandees of this magazine remarked lately, “one should always drive a Range Rover model at least one version older than Her Majesty’s”. There may be something sound in this. There may not. Nonetheless I often wondered which Range Rover was best suited to 2016 and driving around Britain’s countryside. I was chatting with the owner of a small … Continue reading Countryside: Which Range Rover?