No Dogs on the Bed

BY ISABELLA WIGHTMAN No Dogs on the Bed is an amusing book replete with funny pictures of dogs misbehaving. The illustrations are by the Sunday Times and Country Life illustrator John Holder. My favourite picture in the book was of the black dog with a fishbowl on his head eating a fish because the dog looks a lot like Angus, our family terrier. The one … Continue reading No Dogs on the Bed

An Artist by Nature

BY NICK PEARCE Rodger McPhail is a world-famous British painter, best known for his detailed wildlife paintings of sporting fowl, fish, and dogs. After studying at both Liverpool and Coventry Art Colleges, he achieved the rare distinction of having a painting published on the front cover of The Shooting Times at the age of just 19. With numerous exhibitions at The Rountree Tryon Gallery and … Continue reading An Artist by Nature

Moorland Matters

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Trying to brush up on eco matters in light of recent events, I took it upon myself to read Ian Coghill’s ‘Moorland Matters: The Battle for the Uplands against Authoritarian Conservation’ when the publisher, Quiller, sent through a review copy to the magazine. I chose well. This is a masterful book and it’s written in such a refreshing way. It offers such … Continue reading Moorland Matters