Multiculturalism & Multiracialism

BY ALEX STORY A week or so ago, Suella Braverman spoke about the country’s right to control her borders and decide who can live within them. She referred to Angela Merkel, Germany’s former Chancellor, who said in a speech in 2010, that multiculturalism had utterly failed. At the time, Nicolas Sarkozy of France and David Cameron, our erstwhile Prime Minister, said much the same thing. … Continue reading Multiculturalism & Multiracialism

All Eyes on Hampshire Constabulary

CSM EDITORIAL The Squires’ experience of dealing with Hampshire Police over Chris Packham matters during the last couple of years left us feeling – rightly or wrongly – that the organisation was a clueless chumocracy. Hopefully there are others who have had better experiences. And at least there’s a new Chief Constable, Scott Chilton, at the helm these days. Either which way, the Countryside now … Continue reading All Eyes on Hampshire Constabulary

A Sense of Perspective

BY STEWART SLATER The universe loves a coincidence. Thus, it was only fitting that, in the weekend leading up to Sky’s new series based on Watergate, Britain’s current crop of Woodwards and Bernsteins spent their time screaming “What did ITV know and when did it know it?” For in comparison to the goings on at This Morning, Partygate was but a trifle. Suella’s speeding fine … Continue reading A Sense of Perspective

The Left & “Cultural Marxism”

BY DAVID EYLES In the recent cabinet reshuffle, Suella Braverman MP was promoted to Attorney General. In an ordinary world, this appointment would scarcely have registered in the consciousness of the mainstream and social media. However, these are not ordinary times and it looks as if the usual trolls of the Twittersphere, spearheaded by The Guardian, are about to go off on one of their … Continue reading The Left & “Cultural Marxism”