A Letter to Uncle Donald

Dear President Trump,

One of the mightiest predecessors in your esteemed office – Ronald Reagan – warned on the eighth of March 1983, “let us be aware that while they [the Soviet leadership] preach the supremacy of the state, declare its omnipotence over individual man, and predict its eventual domination of all peoples on the earth, they are the focus of evil in the modern world.”

Thirty-four years later, an undemocratic superstate with ambitions for its own army – the European Union – threatens the Free World with supremacist ambitions over the nation states of the European continent. The people of my homeland, Great Britain, have clearly expressed their will to be fully sovereign again. They have voted to leave the European Union, while offering to maintain amicable relations and free trade with all European Union states.

Yesterday, two shots were fired by the EU against the sovereignty of four European nation states:

In an inimical act of petty despotism, the European Union began its attempt at punishing Great Britain for voting to leave its membership through a strategy of economic vandalism as it published draft laws hostile to London on Euro clearing. Last week the Futures Industry Association, a US and UK-linked lobby, rightly warned that forced relocation to the EU would require a near doubling of the $83bn that financial companies set aside in case of contract defaults, while the International Swaps and Derivatives Association said any move to an EU country would drive up costs for the financial sector. In other words, such threats to Euro Clearing make no economic sense. This is the tip of an iceberg of punitive political measures the EU Leadership, under the guise of 27 unanimous states, wish to sail into Great Britain over coming months and years – measures borne of political spite which will have chilling, negative economic effects on both sides, and global repercussions.

Secondly, yesterday the EU issued a 24-hour warning to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland saying that – in spite of their refusals to do so – they must start taking in refugees under an EU migrant-sharing plan.

The European Union claims it has been responsible for peace in Europe since World War II. In fact, the tariff-free common market between European nations, including Britain, has been the driving force for peace, alongside the towering presence of NATO. By threatening the UK economy with hostile trade manoeuvres, the European Union is now threatening the political stability of the European continent, as London alone is potent enough to retaliate by disrupting overnight a good chunk of the capital flows on which the EU, and many of its banks and financial institutions, depend.

This move by the EU’s unelected cabal is purely political. They cynically seek to “unite” the European Union by fear while their failed attempts to bind the Union economically – the failed Euro project and the plight of Greece feature amongst their Soviet-style disappointments – are so obvious to the afflicted peoples of participant nations from chaotic Athens to Budapest, from stagnant Milan to Warsaw.

The Brexit campaign, as you have acknowledged Mr President, unleashed a sound and healthy populism in Great Britain which set fire to your successful campaign for the US Presidency. Just as your bid for reform and restoration of freedoms has been met by stiff resistance from embedded media and elites your side of the pond, so the freedom-seeking of Brexiteers this side has been countered at every turn by similar, undemocratic interests.

Our nations are not just bound by a common tongue, they are steeped in a common history. The blood of many of our ancestors has been shed in the cause of freedom for our great countries, as well as for the peoples of many nation states across the European continent. Our nations today in 2017 also happen to be the two best placed to show the world how to deal with the cowardly Islamist problem – once again taking a stand against bloodthirsty supremacists who wish to ditch secularism for blind faith in despots.

The General Election here in Great Britain last week showed that democracy and freedom are alive and kicking in these islands. They also left the British Government without a majority and in a somewhat weakened state for upcoming EU negotiations. While most of us are too British to ask for it, we could do with your help.

I respectfully plead with you, Mr President, to be there for the people of Great Britain come our hour of need. This should not be a negotiation of 27 versus 1. This should be the negotiation of 27 versus the Great Anglo-Saxon Nations. When the EU’s unelected apparatchiks take their seats at the negotiating table, they should not only be mindful of their massive trade surpluses with Great Britain, they should also be aware that in the red, white and blue of the Union Jack in front of them there are the stars and stripes too. They should remember the debts they owe our ancestors. They should be aware of the EU’s trade surpluses with the Anglo Saxon world. They should face not only the grin of David Davis, they should face Rex Tillerson’s grimace too. Such a deterrent will oil a vital deal for Britain which will save Europe from future unnecessary vicissitude, embolden the nation state model, and bind the gutsy peoples of Europe faster in dispelling the dark Islamist menace which once again threatens the European continent.

Brexit gave hope to many peoples that the nation state could still prosper – that the globalism of unelected elites could still be countered by enlightened, brave men and women. While America First is no doubt a bold and sound motive, the strength of America depends a great deal on its oldest bonds and traditions. Just as Scottish blood flows through your veins as an American, so it flows through mine as an Englishman – we are as one. It is time we gave these pesky, unelected mandarins some bloody wellie.

Brexit brought you to the White House, Mr President. Now please, in exchange, bring the White House to Brexit.

Yours faithfully,


DM Wightman

Managing Editor, Country Squire Magazine

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