A Class Act


We thought it had been consigned to history, but the Class Divide is back with a vengeance in terms of political groupings. As before, it is all a matter of labels, but this time, the labels have been lost in the shuffle, which can be confusing for the uninitiated. As a general guide, just think of the labels being attached in the reverse of traditional order.

Those who secretly consider themselves to be what might be loosely termed ‘middle class’ lean to what they call the Left: however, what they actually lean toward is a positive loathing of the demographic which traditional left-wing policies were designed to serve and the beliefs which that demographic cherish.

Outwardly, of course – and this used to apply in particular to those who never actually had a job of any description – many left-wing people would loudly proclaim themselves ‘working class’ on principle, but this is a dying breed (most left-wingers these days would rather nail their ears to a wall rather than self-identify with people they despise so deeply), so we should really find a new name for them. Several spring immediately to my mind, but sadly, none would be passed by the Editor.

Given the levels of hypocrisy involved in positing themselves as guardians of the plebs while doing all possible to further their extinction, it’s no wonder Jeremy Corbyn has won what passes for their hearts and minds: who could speak more clearly for his followers, than a millionaire born in a manor house, who is married to another millionaire, and dresses as Lenin?

Moving slightly to the right, we find the centrists who genuinely are middle class and who are increasingly, and worryingly, detached from either the dynamism of the Thatcherite ‘80s or the earnestness of the Caring ‘90s. Their ideological home appears to be the Bland Noughties, a decade which some claim never actually happened at all.

Rather than offering vibrant solutions to the startling social problems of today, these rely on attempting to inspire fear of the Left to prevent defection to the Right, both of which repel them for differing reasons: the Left because the left-wing in this country has now become so devoid of sanity that a vote for Labour is akin to a collective leap off Beachy Head, the Right because, well, they are just way too visceral and appalling.

What this view stems from, in my opinion, is their belief that – being Centrists – they share a universal experience with those who lean right, when in fact, all they share is a loathing of the left. However, being centrists, while they will be inspired to passion by the thought of increased taxation, they take no decisive action against the ideologies of the Left which create such misery among what used to be the Left’s demographic.

Enter the Right.

To understand where the Right are coming from (which was often the Left) it’s important to take a brief glance back to precisely why so many millions of people once so passionately waved the Red Flag. Basically, such people had found by bitter experience that previously existing forms of government, and many individuals, and deeply entrenched attitudes, had metaphorically defecated on them, and their families, and their way of life, from a very great height.

Such is the experience of far too many now, who are accused of ‘hate’ when their passion actually stems from love: of country, home, family, tradition, territory, national culture, the monarchy, and all the other things which their betters call upon them to die for when it suits a purpose.

Meanwhile, they are expected to suffer being collateral damage in someone else’s fantasy without complaint: while Corbynite eyes glisten with joy as ‘natives’ become a minority in entire cities, and Centrists enjoy an open day at a mosque and think everything in the multicultural garden is lovely, the hapless ‘hater’ resents their English town becoming like a sunless version of Karachi in which their teenage daughters are spat on and called ‘white whores’, their sons are beaten up and robbed in repeated unaddressed racially motivated attacks, their little girls are called “dirty pig eaters”, their dogs have stones thrown at them when taken for a walk, and the Muslim mum made friends with at the school gate starts to cover her face because hubby broke her nose for sharing a cup of tea after the school-run (all personal experiences, by the way.)

‘Haters’ who aspire to move up the social ladder then suffer the shock of realising that assistance to get a toe on the next rung is now, legally, allocated by race: so, for example, large organisations and employers can specify any race but white British; a case in point being Creative Access, which offers funding, paid internships, and assistance to BAME applicants only, who want to work in the creative industries. In other words, the pampered offspring of a BAME millionaire is eligible for a life-changing hand-up, while a hardworking, skint white kid, regardless of talent, can take a flying jump.

And nobody on either Centre or Left give a toss about how grossly, hideously racist and cruel this is because essentially, the Left actively want such people to disappear, and work assiduously to make the situation worse, while Centrists think victims of such policies are making an unseemly fuss about nothing and propose remedies so fudge-like they are akin to treating a compound fracture with a lavender-and-chamomile compress.

Groups, and parties, blossom where there is a need for them, as many previous ‘establishments’ have found to their cost. Leaders who don’t deny the suffering or despise the sufferer will continue to rise and grow exponentially – currently at the rate of a thousand new members per week. And every time they are sneered at, jailed, or suppressed, they grow stronger, tinged with martyrdom. That fervour, that need, that hurt, those membership numbers, are going to translate into votes, especially in the face of the current Conservative government’s unpatriotic performance and the Centrist denial of genuine experiences. The Left are the source – but the Centre are doing nothing to help, so they are allying themselves, in effect, with the Left.

Real action has to be taken to deal with real concerns, rather than the ‘let them eat cake’ attitude currently so prevalent. That smell you notice is the foundations smouldering. Because for far too many, all is not Right with the world.